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May 29th, Our Inaugural Show

RAY: This is our First show. We hope you like it. We are going to try out a few different sets in the LUFF residence. And we are going to on occasion invite another guest or two to join us in person or by Skype. We would like to pursue various world view philosophies as they compare to the Christian World View in upcoming shows and we hope that you will enjoy the variety of topics that we have in store for you.

Tonight we touched on a few topics. We would like to hear from you both pro and con regarding your opinions of the discussions that Brad and I have. Please be respectful even if you disagree with something that has been said as we in turn will try to be respectful in the things we say. Opinions will be expressed on this show and sometimes what is said may not be in agreement with what you think should be said. We hope to convey that we care about people on our show, but we may not agree with what some people think. We are all fellow travellers on this earth. It ought to be our goal each one of us to discover what is ultimately true. Come join us and let us know what you think as we collectively seek to discuss our belief systems on Truth is What Matters. We may not do a program every week but we will post each time when the next show is coming up.

Part 1

Part 2

One of the things we discussed was Do It Yourself Religions. As stated in the program I have posted one of the tracts from our sister Bible Door Tracts site.  >>  DIY Religion

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1500 year old, handwritten gospel of Barnabas?

Gospel of Barnabas true or false?

BRAD: It seems certain religions are looking forward to the collapse of Christianity with this new discovery from the Gospel Of Barnabas!

As always, the Vatican wants to see this to give their observations and analysis of this newly found document that some people say will shake up world politics as well.

Religion and politics to some people, work hand in hand and some people cant see the separation of these entities.

In this world of ever changing politics and countries at political unrest, we don’t really need to complicate things with these so far unproven documents and accusations till further research is done.

RAY: LOL Brad. This is a hoax. The Muslims are behind its promotion. I have had this hoax presented to me many times already. Let me explain.

First of all the document itself is not a hoax. It is an old manuscript of rather late dating which originates out of Egypt. The Gospel of Barnabus was written in the fourth Century in an attempt to discredit Christianities claims that Christ was raised from the dead and that He is a member of the Godhead (One God but three personalities – Father, Son, Holy Ghost). This denial of Christianity predates the invention of the QURAN itself which was another attempt to discredit Christianities claims that Christ was raised from the dead and that He is a member of the Trinity. (The Quran says that God has no Son).

The Canon of the Old Testament Scripture was settled in AD 90 at the council of JAMNIA for the Old Testament. They at that time added 2 more books to the CANON that Jesus himself never quoted from and were not considered to be part of the Scripture when Jesus was here on earth. Those were the Apocryphal books ESTHER and SONG OF SOLOMON. There were fourteen other apocryphal books that were excluded at that time. The reason the 16 books now 14 books were considered Apocryphal was for the reason that they were added to the Greek version of the Old Testament Bible but did not exhist in the Hebrew Bible. (The Hebrew Bible predates the Greek version of it. The Greek version is called the Septuagint).  Some time around 250 BC 71 Jewish Rabbies translated the entire Hebrew Old Testament under the orders of Alexander the Great. They added some scriptures of their own when they slipped in 16 extra books. The translation effort was done in ALEXANDRIA Egypt. The Septuagint minus the extra 16 books is a good translation.

Later on in the fourth century once again the Christian New Testament Scriptures were sent to Egypt where they unfaithfully attempted to alter them in some cases bringing about a rogue variant of scripture called the ALEXANDRIAN Greek Text.  By this time the heresy of the religion of GNOSTICISM had also become prevalent in Egypt. These Alexandrian / Gnostic copiests left out 40 whole verses and altered the Gospels in 3000 places and they added a Gnostic Deuterocanonical book to one of the two almost complete manuscripts which is called the VATICANUS. The rogue book is called the GOSPEL of HERMES. They also attempted to add 50 other rogue gospels to the New Testament Scriptures. These 51 books in total are called the DEUTEROCANONICAL books.  Tertullian the first Church historian in the fourth century pointed to the early writing of the NEW TESTAMENT books which are part of our Bibles today as having been produced by the account of eye witnesses in the first century. He also pointed to the imposter books coming from ALEXANDRIA as coming from much later dating and posthumously written. For example the Gospel of Barnabas was not written by the Barnabas of the book of ACTS. It was written over two centuries later in ALEXANDRIA by an imposter who could not make the same claim to have eyewitness account of what he posthumously wrote. (Today we would call it Ghost Writing).

Now today the Muslims keep presenting Youtube videos and the modern day Gnostics which Dan Brown calls himself one of them produce films such as the DAVINCI CODE all in attempts to continue the Myth that these corrupt books should be added to the eyewitness accounts that we have as part of our Bibles.  They know that if we were to include these false books as part of scripture that then they could turn around and use them against Christians to then prove that Jesus is not who He said He was, “The Son of God”. I believe this is why so much attempt has been made over many centuries to get them included as part of our Bibles. It certainly is the attempt of the QURAN to supplant the Bible.  All in an attempt to justify antisemitism and anti-Christianity.

WHAT YOU HAVE IS A SIMPLE CASE OF SCEPTICS QUOTING FROM SCEPTICS WHO CAME BEFORE THEM. But it is all circular in its reasoning.  NONSEQUITAR I was told is the term by the ATHEIST community that I have debated much over the years.

It’s all an elaborate hoax which now spans many centuries and resurfaces continually.

The Bible warns in several places EGYPT is an enemy of Gods people (Alexandria, Egypt is the birth place of many attempts to destroy the Bibles credibility).  {Jude 4, Revelation 11.8 (many more references are available)}

The Bible also predicts that close to the time of the end of the current age, just prior to the second coming of Christ to the earth that many will believe Myths and Many anti-Christs will lead if possible even Christ’s followers astray.  I see this as happening on an unprecedented scale today. I believe that we are very close to the time of the return of Christ (Messiah) to the earth.

For more information about this false “other gospel” and why it is promoted by Islamists go to the following link.

Related topic – A Christian and a Muslim debate the accuracy of the Torah.

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What Lies On The Other Side?

 BRAD: This is my first post to our brand new site which soon will include video and soon live video steaming of our shows and your participation is quite welcome to our show.

As the opening title asks, What does really lay in the next dimension beyond our physical realm we call reality?

Religion as you know, plays a big part in death and our acceptance to recognize a bigger entity once we are either cremated or led to our underground dirt apartment.

It all depends your religious values and who or what you really believe in that somehow comforts you in the fleeting moments of life on this world.

Its hard to ask the question what atheists and skeptics really believe in as your final moments draw near and whether they do in fact feel some kind of remorse for things they did throughout their life.

As we explore the cosmos,planets and dimensions beyond our worldly existence there must be something out there bigger and more powerful than us!

Whatever your belief is im sure we can all together and admit one thing, we aren’t going to live forever, and when the end is near, and your friends and family surround you its good to know that maybe, something is behind that light that you never saw before!

RAY:  I think one of the things that others will like about our show is that Brad and I come from differing backgrounds and I am a little fussy with words. I just wanted to add to Brad’s post that according to the Judeao Christian view we all are going to live forever spiritually. However the quality of life is affected by whether the forever experience is called ETERNAL LIFE or it is called ETERNAL REGRET. I’ll save further comments for an actual show.

Jack Chick has a very intersting comic strip that discusses this matter
This was your life

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It is not what you think that matters, truth is what matters.

RAY: Brad and I were sinking some balls on my billiard table, discussing what to call our new radio/podcast program. During the course of our conversation I said to Brad many people believe things that are not true. Many say that what’s right for you is right for you but whats right for me is right for me. If I think it is right for me to kill you but you think that it’s not right for me to kill you then who is right? “Obviously it is not what we think that matters, truth is what matters”, I told him. Brad replied, “That is the name we have looked for that describes our radio/podcast program.”

Brad and I first met in 2008 during the Canadian Federal Election in the Newmarket / Aurora riding. I was running as the candidate for the Christian Heritage Party at the time and Brad was interested in interviewing me to find out my political beliefs and to answer why Christians would want to establish a separate party and enter into politics. I told Brad it was the ultimate Christian Activism in trying to get our voice heard in the political arena. It was our hope that our voice might somehow shape the election by virtue of getting our message out at election times even if we were not to become elected. (You can review a blog that was set up at that time that gives some of my concerns that I expressed during the 2008 election at

After that election Brad and I became friends. I went on the air at Blog Talk Radio with him and at Out and About Radio which is a local FM radio station in Newmarket and at another radio station which is a subsidiary of the CFRB in Toronto over the next couple of years to discuss my religious beliefs with Brad as the Host of the program. We also invited the leader Rod Taylor of the CHP to speak on the Out and About FM radio program on one occasion.

For the past year (2011-2012) Brad and I have discussed now and then starting an internet program and website to host it in which we might use video methods to produce an online discussion which seeks to contrast the Christian World View with other World Views. In this program we wish to explore the inner workings of the Christian faith. Many have heard messages from Christians related to how you should join them and become a Christian yourself but many want to know why they should become a Christian not just how they should do it. To answer the question “why” is a harder topic. First of all one would want to know why Christianity, why not Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, secular Humanism, Communism, Fascism and many other isms. Why should one chose the Christian World View?

Brad intends to ask the tough questions of Ray and other call in guests on each program. We may even host a debate with someone who wishes to challenge the Christian World View in some of our programs. Ray is known as “Whitefox” in the Atheist internet community as a theist and defender of Christianity at their websites. We invite these folks to listen into our program and to get in touch with us if they wish to participate in one of our shows.

Ray runs another website called You may get in touch directly with Ray at  Let us know if you would like to join our email list and you would like to give us your ideas about this show please get in touch with us. Let us know how you would rate our program. At some point we will post a rating widget at the site but for the first couple of programs while we are cutting our teeth we hope you will be patient with the quality of the program while we are learning to host it for you.

As a side note: This might interest BRAD. There is another Newscaster named George Snell who has an interesting article about Truth is what matters in the arena of journalism at his blog. While I do not agree with his opinions of the Bible I do agree with his article about the need for truth in Journalism.

From the desk of

Ray Luff

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