May 29th, Our Inaugural Show

RAY: This is our First show. We hope you like it. We are going to try out a few different sets in the LUFF residence. And we are going to on occasion invite another guest or two to join us in person or by Skype. We would like to pursue various world view philosophies as they compare to the Christian World View in upcoming shows and we hope that you will enjoy the variety of topics that we have in store for you.

Tonight we touched on a few topics. We would like to hear from you both pro and con regarding your opinions of the discussions that Brad and I have. Please be respectful even if you disagree with something that has been said as we in turn will try to be respectful in the things we say. Opinions will be expressed on this show and sometimes what is said may not be in agreement with what you think should be said. We hope to convey that we care about people on our show, but we may not agree with what some people think. We are all fellow travellers on this earth. It ought to be our goal each one of us to discover what is ultimately true. Come join us and let us know what you think as we collectively seek to discuss our belief systems on Truth is What Matters. We may not do a program every week but we will post each time when the next show is coming up.

Part 1

Part 2

One of the things we discussed was Do It Yourself Religions. As stated in the program I have posted one of the tracts from our sister Bible Door Tracts site.  >>  DIY Religion

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5 thoughts on “May 29th, Our Inaugural Show

  1. Paul Smith

    I saw the video, good first show. It was very much like the radio interviews you two did

  2. Ron

    I find it hard to focus on your first show. Is it an interview or a chit-chat between two of you? The lighting and set-up need to be greatly improved. The camera should zoom in on the questioner/host and the guest. It not, the show looks more like a radio interview and not a live video show. Some footages or sub-headings may help audience or viewers to stay more focus on what’s been discussed or questions and answers. Perhaps a content page should appear before the show is on. Trust these positive remarks may help improve your subsequent attempts to make the show more interesting and lively.

    • Ron, Thanks for your comments.

      The dialogue style we are using is intentional. It is our intention to add interviews when we have guests on occassion when we have guests on our show later on in the season. For now our show is being done as pre-recorded.

      We are using a Canon 5d mark II with 1.2F 55mm prime lens currently. Its not a zoom lens. Regarding lighting we can try bouncing 600 watts off the ceiling. In this shoot we bounced 300 watts. If anyone wishes to donate we can setup a second camera for an alternate view angle. Also we could use a professional lighting kit. But until then we will bounce a light off the ceiling.

      We hope in time to get you engaged with our content and we hope that our format will not hinder that.

      Thanks again for your comments. God Bless.

    • We are working on a few things for our next show and will improve set and dialogue content on upcoming shows. We feature a unique format that is a casual chit chat round table discussions about current events and situations facing us daily. We also appreciate questions and comments that we hope will bring us together with our visitors. The show for now is prerecorded and in future will go live. Thanks again for comments and any ideas for upcoming shows please feel free to suggest. Brad

      • Paul

        Hey guys,
        My first impression of the show was good. It had a refreshing appeal to me. It was very radio like but that was not a disadvantage. The two of you worked well together. It was obvious there was no camera man and yes the lighting was poor and so on but the show as a whole was appealing. Keep it up and be encouraged. Learning comes with trying and as a whole it was a good first try.

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