Church and State when is it Separated or is it?

BRAD: Recently the provincial government in Ontario issued a stern warning to the Catholic Church that they are in fact the higher power when it comes to running Ontario schools!

Premier Dalton McGuinty stated they have a different set of responsibilities during a recent visit to a Canadian manufacturing company.

McGuinty claims that they  are accountable to all faiths, accountable to people with no faith, and accountable to parents, and basically it seems to me from this statement of arrogance that they are the higher power!

McGuinty’s wife by the way, is a separate school teacher which in fact receives 7 billion annually in taxpayer funding, doesn’t say which separate school she teaches, but probably i can bet not a Catholic school teacher after that comment!

We all know what happens when politics and religion clash, and lets wait and see the outcome of such an arrogant and righteous comment made by the Liberal party and premier McGuinty!

RAY: What you have here is a clash between the Secular Humanist World View which represents the majority of Canadians Viewpoint as expressed by who we elect as our government officials and the Christian WorldView. The sad thing is these matters are seldom identified correctly for what they are. There is a religious battle going on between people who do not believe in Absolute truth, therefore by definition they do not believe there is a God and people who do believe in Absolute truth, namely the Christians and those that are persuaded toward the Judeao Christian Worldview of morality. Morality without God is Amorality. What we have here is Amorality being forced on those that wish to live their lives by God’s Moral code of ethics. In fact Amorality leads to immorality because an Amoral person does not believe that what is right and wrong is defined by a Sovereign power that is above his governments authority. So he lowers his expectations of what he wants society to be by making the state sovereign instead and accepting the states rule over him. This was actually the goal in ancient times when monarchs stated that they represented God to the masses and actually in many cases expected to be revered as God themselves.

The historical bible account of the prophet Daniel spending time in the Lions Den is a reminder of what it may take for a Jew and by extension a Christian to obey God’s wishes in defiance of the rule of the state. Throughout history there have been many godly and righteous martyrs who followed the footsteps of the prophets faithfully willing to lay down their lives in refusal to honor the state rule above the rule of God. There are martyrs in the middle eastern and eastern countries that have been forced into similar sacrifice in the year 2012. (I am not referring to Muslim murderers who have taken over the word martyr and turned it into a word that for them justifies murder. I am talking about true martyrs who for no fault of their own other than their beliefs that are in opposition with a State authority, it has cost them their lives.) We in North America seem so far spared of this level of committment. However we must never forget, those of us who are followers of Christ what it means to follow Him. He said “Pick up your cross and follow me.”. Eleven of His disciples that he said that to were martyred for taking His instruction seriously. The state hated Christians after Jesus ascended to heaven calling them “Atheists” for believing in only one God and calling them “the cult of the resurrection” for testifying to the fact that five hundred eyewitnesses met with Jesus and felt his wounds and ate with Him after his burial and resurrection. Many of them were martyred for not recanting what they had seen and heard.

Today Christians must continue to stand their ground. Shame on most of us. I include myself. Because if I know that Abortion is a Secular Humanist Religions worldview that counters a WorldView that includes God as supreme over the state. And if I know that the state is in opposition to the God who I am willing to carry my own cross for, then why am I not out picketing in front of our hospitals that are state run and are murdering the unborn Children of our Country? Is it to protect myself so that no harm will come to me by the state? Is it apathy? The biggest question I fear is “Will I be held accountable before the Lord Jesus Christ when I am judged for what I did here on earth if I never spoke out about the injustices that the Secular Humanist State force upon the citizenry? Jesus said that Christians are to be the salt of the earth and warned them about losing their saltines. They do not have to be the majority but if they know “Absolute Truth” in a society that doesn’t know Truth then they must speak out and as a little salt can preserve meat. So too a little preservation by Christians can preserve our society, making it a safer and better place for future generations. Paul said of Jesus. And we must not forget this. “God our saviour desires that all men might be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth”. Ultimately the salvation experience of being born again from above by the willingness of God in the person of the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, makes us God’s representatives here on earth. His ambassadors. His messengers of Truth to a world that is in need of our Lord and Saviour who defined himself as being truth. “I am the way the truth and the life”.

I hope my reader can appreciate my passion as I delved into giving a pep-talk to Christians and a Sermon to all in this response.

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