Forced Abortion: The Most Despicable Human Rights Violation |

RAY: When I say this is true for me. And you say this is true for you. We both have done something. That is we have ignored God in the equation. If God exists then it is important to know what He thinks. It then becomes incumbent upon us to know what is true from His perspective not from mine and not from yours.

When we explore the topic of the right of the state to dictate whether your child should live or not or the right of a mother or father for that matter: if you have a God given conscience which God gives to everyone, you will agree that the murder of the unborn is never to be allowed, funded or supported in any way. You would also agree that those that perpetrate such violation of human life ought to be subject to the same laws that govern the murder of any other member of our society.

If you do not have a God given conscience its because you have destroyed it and seared it by ignoring it as a guide for your life. The question remains for those who read this and feel their conscience pricked by it. What are you going to do about it? God tells us to repent of things that make us sorrowful. He sends sorrow to tell us of our need to come to Him. Hopefully sorrow is felt by my fellow readers that read this report.

Quoted from an Article entitled “Forced Abortion” at the website
On June 2nd, a despicable human rights violation was committed, and the world took notice. Chinese woman Feng Jianmei was dragged from her home, beaten, and forced to abort her seven month old unborn child, because it was her second pregnancy. According to China’s one-child policy, couples living in rural areas may have a second child only if their first is a girl. And those in urban areas are strictly restricted to one child. Anyone found breaking this law is fined up to $25,000, or forced to comply as in the case of Feng Jianmei. (click on the link to read more.)
Forced Abortion: The Most Despicable Human Rights Violation |

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  1. really a nice article and great post.

  2. It’s great to find soemnoe so on the ball

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