Enough Of The Scientology Circus Already with Tom and Kate

 BRAD: Don’t we ever get enough of this celebrity circus surrounding Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes! According to this article the Scientologists are leaving the so called church because of this celebrity break up! Whoever said that Scientology was a religion anyways and its congregation were mind controlled androids?.

Lets give the church back to preachers of the gospel who have backgrounds in theology and scholar teachings and not follow the ramblings of a  comatose ex science fiction writer!

Canadian Yahoo.com News reports:
The Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise split apparently has had a negative effect on the Church of Scientology, and a faction of the church is calling for members to take action and silence naysayers.

The campaign also comes as an entire mission for the church has defected from under the leadership of David Miscavige, reports the Village Voice. Leader Dani Lemberger of Israel’s Dror Center, in Haifa, told Voice blogger Tony Ortega that his mission is one of the few that are still growing and announced that it is rejecting Miscavige’s leadership.

It is the “first time in memory” that an entire mission has announced that it is leaving the church, Ortega said.


RAY: The Bible describes a Church as a gathering of people unto the Lord Jesus Christ. There are many groups which experience a mass exodus that are not churches according to the biblical definition of a church. (Last week we were mentioning a mass exodus from the Mormon Church which also is not a true church).

I am not particularly glad when I hear about a mass exodus  of people. However, I would be glad if I heard the people were doing so in order to join the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus speaking -> Matthew 16 - 18 ...I will build My church (assembly) - SKJV
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One thought on “Enough Of The Scientology Circus Already with Tom and Kate

  1. Yes, those Bible stories are 5,000 year old Hebrew laretiture from the Old Testament. Widely regraded as metaphoric in many Christian circles, certainly in my own..And even as fiction they’re not remotely the same as 1950’s sci-fi drivel of L. Ron Hubbard. I suspect that I have a few years on you. I’ve studied the Old and New Testaments for many years, decades. I’ve also read most the pertinent Scientology materials the OT levels and such. I can’t make you see that they’re not same if you don’t see it for yourself. All I can do is encourage you to read, discover, think, and never stop searching. Peace.

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