Where Have All The People Gone?

”Because we are so liberal we have a hard time selling ourselves”, Retired United Church minister David Ewart

According to a Metro news article Aug 10,2012 Canada is one of the many countries facing a vast decline in religion.

According to the ”Global Index of Religion and Atheism”, 59% of people polled think of themselves as having religious values.23% not and 13% consider themselves as atheists!

China has the largest population of atheists and Ghana has the largest amount of people who consider themselves of religious value at 96%.

In their study, the findings indicated that religion declines where people tend to prosper which in this day and age is hard to come by prosperity.’

People in the low end income are over 17% religious that those in the top wage earners , therefore according to these numbers, the more money you make the less religious you really are!

Canada has saw a 12%drop in the number of people who claim they have religious values and the church must address these concerns among others to stay open in the next few years!

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One thought on “Where Have All The People Gone?

  1. Paul

    Your quote is a truth of its own Brad…….Because we are so liberal we have a hard time selling ourselves”, Retired United Church minister David Ewart……Born again believers know the gospel is good news and for that reason we try not to water it down with liberal thinking that plagues the modern feel good churches.
    Because the power of God through the sacrifice of Jesus, we who believe know the truth and he has set us free. We don`t need better advertising but to stick to what the Bible teaches. God`s word and a submitted life to Christ are the churches best plan for growth.
    by the way your spelling of Lisette on the video needs to be corrected, it is not very French spelled that way… LOL

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