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Christianity is Feared

Ray: I ran in the 2008 Election as a candidate for the CHP Party in the Newmarket/ Aurora riding. I feel I should disclose this when promoting something the leader has to say. Because this article touched on matters of truth as promoted by Christians I thought it was an article that is worthy of repeating in our Blog. As always I welcome the comments of others. Let us know what you think of Jim’s article.

By Jim Hnatiuk – Leader of the Christian Heritage Party CHP Communiqué Vol 19, No 38, Sept 18, 2012

There is a huge difference between the open, honest exchange of ideas in a public debate and the indoctrination of a society through the use of manipulative propaganda.

The free market exchange of ideas is considered a “given” in countries like Canada, the United States, Great Britain, and many other countries that have democracies grounded in the rule of law. This freedom is what most of us have grown up with, it’s what we have come to expect, and we may even think it absurd if anyone suggests that Canada allows any less.

In contrast, Sharia-governed countries—like Iran today—will imprison or sentence to death those speaking what they believe to be true. But then again, Iran is on the other side of the world—isn’t it?

The Soviet Union had a long history of state atheism, which suppressed public expression over wide areas of its influence.

The atheist Mexican state in 1917 enacted enormous restrictions targeting the Catholic Church; one prohibition was even meant to keep Catholics from being educated in their own religion. Could that ever happen in Canada?

In 1793, Anacharsis Cloots, an atheistic French politician, declared that “Reason” and “Truth” were “supremely intolerant.” Was Cloots saying that truth was wrong? How ridiculous! But, maybe not. Wasn’t it just a few years ago our Canadian Human Rights Commission ruled that “Truth is no defence?”

So who or what represents Truth? Well, we know that Christianity certainly does. Christianity is the baseline of truth and thus is feared worldwide by those who mean to control others. In fact, Christians are persecuted worldwide, not because they are intolerant of others, but rather because they represent truth, and they, and others who understand truth, want to see that it is expressed in the free market exchange of ideas. Those who want to control people feel that the truth must be suppressed; dictators seek control of all public media so that they can silence any truth which they find inconvenient or embarrassing. They want to get rid of the Christians and, for that matter, get rid of anyone who demonstrates sympathy or admiration for Judeo-Christian values and principles.

Those of us who represent the Christian Heritage Party of Canada are indeed walking the high road because CHP Canada believes that the truth must be heard and restored within the educational, judicial, and legislative systems of our nation. Our party is not intolerant, it is not radically “right wing;” rather it is right on!

Should people fear our biblical values? You bet! Those people who want to control and intimidate the citizens of Canada will naturally fear the revealing light of the truth. On the other hand, those who love the truth should welcome an honest public debate about the issues facing our nation today. Both groups, those who fear the truth and those who welcome the debate, deserve to know something: CHP Canada is growing, our members are organizing, and we who love the truth are coming to take back our wonderful nation and to defend the principles upon which it was founded, principles—as stated in the Preamble to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms— “that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.” Won’t you join your voice with ours?

The time to get into the battle is now. Join the Christian Heritage Party of Canada and make your stand for freedom, a glorious part of our blessed Christian heritage.

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Why Does God Allow Suffering?

  • RAY: Brad and I piloted this show in the spring of 2012. Now going into the fall season we hope to pick up where we left off. This week we talked about the topic of Suffering. There is more to say about suffering. For example I find it very interesting that God who allows us to suffer also allowed His only Begotten Son to suffer as His solution to ending our “eternal suffering”. Suffering began when sin entered into the world. Therefore the Son of God had to suffer in order to remove the penalty of sin from us.

    We would like to know what you think about suffering. Let us know how you have chosen to respond to it in your life.

  • The 1986 Honda Goldwing Aspencade.

    We said on the program we would incude a clip of the Goldwng motorcycle I picked up ths summer. I took it to a show and thought I’d take some pictures there. The show was rained out but there was a great concert put on by a one man band local talent “Bob Hawkins”.

    The bike currently has 16,900 miles on it. I have a moving message sign on the back. If you think of a Bible quote I should use on it, let me know. ie “The Lords Triumph rode throughout the land.”

    Those of you that ride motorcycles: Be Safe. Some would consider that at an oxymoron statement to make of those that ride two wheels. The invitation to know Christ regards your eternal safety. I wish you that safety as well.

    For you bike enthusiasts here is a Canadian Made bike show worth watching

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