Why Does God Allow Suffering?

  • RAY: Brad and I piloted this show in the spring of 2012. Now going into the fall season we hope to pick up where we left off. This week we talked about the topic of Suffering. There is more to say about suffering. For example I find it very interesting that God who allows us to suffer also allowed His only Begotten Son to suffer as His solution to ending our “eternal suffering”. Suffering began when sin entered into the world. Therefore the Son of God had to suffer in order to remove the penalty of sin from us.

    We would like to know what you think about suffering. Let us know how you have chosen to respond to it in your life.

  • The 1986 Honda Goldwing Aspencade.

    We said on the program we would incude a clip of the Goldwng motorcycle I picked up ths summer. I took it to a show and thought I’d take some pictures there. The show was rained out but there was a great concert put on by a one man band local talent “Bob Hawkins”.

    The bike currently has 16,900 miles on it. I have a moving message sign on the back. If you think of a Bible quote I should use on it, let me know. ie “The Lords Triumph rode throughout the land.”

    Those of you that ride motorcycles: Be Safe. Some would consider that at an oxymoron statement to make of those that ride two wheels. The invitation to know Christ regards your eternal safety. I wish you that safety as well.

    For you bike enthusiasts here is a Canadian Made bike show worth watching

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    2 thoughts on “Why Does God Allow Suffering?

    1. What about people who have never heard the Word of God? Why do they suffer?

    2. The reason why all of mankind suffers is because of our fallen state. We all have inhereted sin from our original ancestor Adam. All of us suffer whether we are Christians or whether we are non-christians.

      The difference for the Christian is that he has a comforter the Holy Spirit which indwells each and every born again believer. (Read John 3 and 14). The Bible says in 2 Cor 1 that the God of all comfort comforts us in all our trials and tribulations. It says in 2 Cor. 5 that we are God’s Ambassadors to bring God’s comfort to our fellow man. We have this comfort and this indwelling of God’s spirit because of the sacrifice of our suffering Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. God made it possible for us to receive his goodness in exchange for our badness. None of us could have union with God on our own merrit because none of us is perfect. God is a perfect and Holy God. He cannot allow imperfection into his Holy presence. But becasue of the exchange of the righteousness of Christ given to those who ask for it, in exchange for our imperfection given to Christ we can be forgiven and we can enter into God’s holy presence.

      Those who are not made holy by the re-birth of the Holy Spirit indwelling them and the exchange of our imperfection for God’s perfection will be seperated eternally from God’s Holy presence.

      What about those who have never heard this message? The Bible tells us that they have the witness of Creation. That creation begs for the person to recognize that there is a creator. Noah never heard the Good news regarding Jesus Christ yet he found favour in God’s eyes. Hebrews 11 tells us that faith in God was counted as righteousness for those that placed their faith in the creator before Jesus came as our Messiah. So it was possible for men to come to know God and to receive his comfort in their sufferings before the substitutional death of Jesus on the cross.

      Only God and the individual know whether God has forgiven them of their sin. We cannot look on the sidelines and know for sure about another individual. However we can look for consistency with God’s revealed word to determine the likelihood that God has intervened in a persons life who never knew the message of the substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      There is a story that was told by missionaries in one of the biographies I read as a child. (I read over 40 of them and I cannot recall which missionary it was.) However the story told was of missionaries that went to visit an uncivilized tribe in an area of Australia which was known as an area where canabalism was prevalent. They came upon a tribe who had never seen a white man before, but which welcomed them and shared their food and lodging with them. Eventually they began to understand this tribes language and what they were told was amazing. The tribe had broken the traditions of warfaring and head hunting many years prior and they had ceased to worship idols but instead had developed the habit of praying to the God that created all things rather than worshiping a created thing (idol) As you may know, the Bible is a collection of revelations that God has made historically. Well these people began to receive revelations from God through their own prophets. They had had it revealed to them that white men would come to them to explain his plan of salvation to them. This is why they welcomed the white men because they anticipated that they would teach them more about the creator God. I believe these people had the faith that Abraham had which God also counted to him as righteousness. Abraham’s faith saved him, even before the law was given to Moses. (Many mistakenly believe that adherence to the law saved men prior to Jesus time.) Hebrews 11 indicates clearly it was always faith that saved men. The Bible also indicates that we are held responsible for what we know. So once we know the good news about Jesus Christ we become responsible for whether we place our faith in Him as the creator God. (Read John 1)

      I believe this story gives anecdotal evidence that God answers the prayers of those that direct them to the creator God. The Bible says “Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened unto you.”

      Regarding Suffering however. Even when we come to Christ we continue to suffer on this earth but we have a comforter. Jesus said to follow Him we will have to bear a cross as he did. The Israeliis in the desert complained that snakes were biting them and killing them. God told Moses to erect a bronze serpent on a pole. And instructed that whoever would look to the bronze serpent who was bitten would live. Jesus later on in John 3.14 said that if he is lifted up he will draw all men unto himself and give them Eternal life. He suffered for us to pay for our suffering. He didn’t offer us a removal of suffering however. He offered us something better Eternal life in God’s holy presence.

      If we do not repent of our sin and enter into a relationship with God the creator during our lifetimes the Bible says we will suffer the second death which is the lake of fire (Rev 20) The Bible says we either have two births (physical, followed by spiritual) or we will have two deaths (physical, and eternal).

      God is the judge of this. He loved us so much that He was willing to suffer on a cross to take away our eternal suffering and to comfort us in our present suffering..

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