Can We Know The Real Birth Date of Jesus?

851d0e812c8bfb4572e964c1233a50c7Brad: According to this article the author apparently can narrow down the birth of Jesus

Can We Know When Jesus was Born?

Perhaps we cannot be absolutely sure, but there are some clues which give us an opportunity to make an educated guess.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem because Caesar Augustus had ordered a census in connection with his Silver Jubilee which would be celebrated in 2 B.C. People were ordered to register in their own city so Joseph traveled to Bethlehem because he was of the house of David. These registrations were generally ordered in the fall when the weather was fair.

Now notice these Scriptures, “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.” (Psalm 19:1-2)

A Psalm of David who as a young lad gazed upon the stars each night as he watched over his father’s sheep. David meditated on all that he saw and concluded that the heavens tell of the glory of God and that knowledge is revealed in them night to night.

“The heavens declare His righteousness, and all the peoples have seen His glory.” (Psalm 97:6)This could mean also that the heavens declare His righteous One and all peoples see His glory in the heavens.

“He counts the number of the stars; He gives names to all of them.” (Psalm 147:4)Here we see that God knows each star and has a name for each one of them.

There is Scriptural evidence that many, perhaps all constellations were known by name during ancient Bible times. God asked Job –“Can you bind the chains of PLEIADES, or loose the cords of ORION? Can you lead forth a constellation in its season, and guide the BEAR with her satellites?” (Job 38:31-32)

 The second half of Revelation 11 we see that the Seventh Angel sounded the

Seventh Trumpet which signifies the coming of the Lord.

Now notice what took place in Chapter 12 immediately following that blast –“A great SIGN appeared in HEAVEN; a WOMAN clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; and she was with child; and she cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth.”

Now this sign in heaven certainly represents the virgin Mary and also natural Israel and later spiritual Israel. (the Church)

On September 11, 3 B.C. the constellation Virgo (the virgin) appeared in Israel clothed with the sun and the moon at her feet from 6:18 pm to 7:39 pm. This happened to occur at the beginning of the Feast of Trumpets which is on the 1st day of the 7th month on the Hebrew calendar

The priests were commanded to sound the horn on the 1st day of every month so the Feast of Trumpets begins with the seventh trump of the year. As the sun was in Virgo and the moon at her feet the priests were sounding the trumpets throughout the land. Since it is reasonable to believe that Jesus was born in the fall then it is possible that the sign which appeared and the star which the Magi followed was Virgo, the virgin. If this is correct then we could see that Jesus may have been born between 6:18 and 7:39 on the Feast of Trumpets, September 11th, 3 B.C.

The annual Holy Day Festivals of God (Leviticus 23) picture God’s plan of salvation. They are held in three seasons, spring, summer and fall. On the 14th day of the 1st month (spring) is thePassover. Paul tells us that Jesus Christ is our “Passover” (Lamb/sacrifice) – 1 Corinthians 5

This is immediately followed by the seven days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. After we receive Jesus as our “passover” we are “unleavened”, meaning we are without sin. Seven days is a number of completion or perfection. We are to keep ourselves “unleavened” and walk uprightly before the Lord the rest of our life. The Passover and Unleavened Bread is a harvest festival, the barley harvest which represents all the faithful from Abel to those yet to receive Christ. The barley harvest represents a harvest of souls, the church, spiritual Israel.

The next feast day is Pentecost which represents the eventual salvation of natural Israel. This is depicted by two leavened loaves which are symbols of the house of Israel (ten lost tribes) and the house of Judah (Jews and Benjamin). This festival is connected to the wheat harvest, so the wheat represents natural Israel. The date for Pentecost is counted from the weekly Sabbath during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Fifty days are counted which is why Pentecost always falls on Sunday.

Then come the fall Festivals of the Lord. These are in connection with the harvest of the fruit and vine and represent the harvest and salvation of souls during and after the Millennial reign of Jesus.

The first is the Feast of Trumpets representing the coming of the Lord. This is why a Jesus birth on this day would be so significant. Primarily, it looks to the second coming of the Lord in all His might and glory and in great wrath toward the lawless and ungodly. Trumpets is on the 1st day of the seventh month (Hebrew calendar)

Exactly 10 days later is the Day of Atonement, a fast day when the High Priest of Israel would enter into the Holy of Holies, into the very presence of the Almighty and offer blood for the sins of the people.

It pictures the time after the return of Jesus when the survivors of the Great Tribulation will become at one with God. In means reconciliation. It also pictures the time when Satan (the Azazel goat of Leviticus 16) is put away. Revelation 20 tells us that Satan will be bound for a thousand years at the return of Jesus.

Then 5 days later on the 15th day of the seventh month begins the seven days of the Feast of Tabernacles. This pictures the millennial reign of Jesus.

On the eighth day there is actually a separate Festival called theLast Great Day. This pictures the Great White Throne Judgment. After the Millennial reign of Jesus Satan will be loosed for a little while to tempt the nations and then be cast into the Lake of Fire to be destroyed. Immediately following this all the graves will open and the great and small will come forth.

These are people who never knew God or had a chance to know the salvation of the Lord. Revelation 20 says that the books (of the Bible) will be opened to their understanding and they will eventually be judged by how they yield to God’s Word.

Conclusion:I believe it is reasonable to consider that since God had Jesus, our Passover Lamb sacrificed on the very day of Passover in 31 A.D., that He also planned the birth of Jesus on Trumpets the Feast connected to the coming of the Lord.

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