Friday 13th, 2013 – Port Dover Run

IMG_1487cRay: This is a personal interest video for those that want to see a lot of motorcycles. Every Friday the 13th tens of thousands of motorcycles converge on a small town in Ontario called Port Dover. This years event was supposedly unique because it is 2013 on a Friday 13th which fell in September. It is estimated that 100,000 people showed up to this one day event. There were a lot more motorcycles than I recorded in this video. I walked 1/2 of the main strip but motorcycles were also parked in all the side streets and for miles along another street that I did not show in the video. There was a Christian ministry giving out Bikers New Testaments and I saw a dozen Christians wearing Christian badges on jackets. They were outnumbered by thousands of others who where displaying their non-Christian badges, including the Hell’s Angels who apparently own this town. A Christian bike organization that I am joining has their website at I look forward to using some of their badges on my vest for the next riding season (I have them on order). Enjoy the eye candy video. Ride for the Lord if you are a Christian by obtaining some Christian badges for your vest.

Take the time to listen to a tribute song that tells the story now deceased founder Barry Mayson of the Heavens Saints club had his life changed by submitting his life to Christ. (He was the ex-president of one of the Hells Angels Chapters in the USA)

A video worth watching that the Heavens Saints produces.
Dead End Road – Part 1

Dead End Road – Part 2

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