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Bible Prophecy – Revelation 2c

Whitefox_AvatarRay: I have been re-organizing the website and from now on you will find our bible training videos under the links above called “Bible Training”. We plan to post many videos there which delve into the topic of “Prophecy of the End Times”. The fancy word for it is “Eschatology”. We may discuss prophecy on our show but it takes hours of study to fully understand the topic which is why we have set up the Bible Training Study area for folks that want to really dig into the subject.

We hope to have Dr. Harold McCarthy on with us to discuss the training series he is doing and to answer our questions in the days to come.

If you go to one of the links above remember to click on the big link to the left “Truth is What Matters” to return to these pages.

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Taking the Dinosaurs back.

Whitefox_AvatarRay: We feature examples from other websites that we like and we try to switch our topics from week to week. You can look down the left hand column at our site for the full listing of other websites that we like. You might enjoy the exercise of going back through our blog and looking at some of our previous articles and programs.

This week I want to feature the CREATION TODAY website. This particular discussion is about Dinosaurs or Dragons? Are Dinosaurs the commonly reported Dragon in ancient myth and literature? Did they walk among men? What about the Bibles reference to “Behemoth” in Job?

Please leave comments and consider following us.

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Life after death and Quran vs Bible

Whitefox_AvatarRay: In the first part of this program we discussed briefly near death experiences. (first 16 minutes)

In the second part of our discussion featured a special guest who we are calling Matthew. Matthew specializes in researching the Muslim faith with the purpose of finding ways to convert Muslims to the Christian faith. The Quran and the Hadits are quoted specifically in this portion of the program. (1 hour interview).

We would encourage Muslims to respond and make comments on this program. Please comment if you are such a person. We would like to engage you. We want to state that we love all persons. We might want to argue about beliefs but we wish those that don’t agree with us no ill will.

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