Protect Canada’s children from pornographic politics!

picture-3552Ray: I am reposting this email communication from Ron Gray – Former Leader of the Christian Heritage Party. Let us know what you think.

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CHP Communiqué Vol 20, No 48,
November 26, 2013

Protect Canada’s children from pornographic politics!
Phil Lees, president of P.E.A.C.E. (Public Education for Christian Equity), of Hamilton, Ontario, was recently invited to Hawaii by opponents of the campaign there to legalize same-sex “marriage.” They wanted to hear what effects that change had made in Canada. What Phil Lees told them must be shared with Canadians— because the effects of what the federal Liberals imposed by stealth on Canada eight years ago is only beginning to be felt here.

Those latent harmful effects were highlighted last month in Joe Warmington’s Toronto Sun column, in which he reproduced a poster distributed by the Toronto District School Board:

Study this poster closely. Notice that it includes images of men and women; men with men; women with women; a man with two women and a woman with two men. What does that say to you? What is the TDSB promoting?

Almost 20 years ago, the CHP warneLove Has No Genderd that if the definition of marriage were changed to allow same-sex unions, polygamy would soon follow; and after that would come incest, pedophilia, and bestiality. Why? Because marriage has historically been legally limited in five categories: age, number, gender, propinquity (forbidden to close relatives), and species. When one restriction has been thoughtlessly pulled out, what justification remains for keeping the other four?

Now look at what is happening in our schools—not just high schools, but also middle schools, elementary schools, and even kindergarten!—since Canada legalized same-sex “marriage!” Here’s what Phil Lees reported:

Approval of same-sex marriage in Ontario was the tipping point for curriculum change. All Ontario schools must now:

– Offer Gay Straight Alliance Clubs (secondary schools),
– Integrate—into all subjects and grade levels—affirmative LGBT lifestyle messaging and activities
– Rent school facilities only to organizations that operate within the provincial code of conduct (state-sanctioned code, written by the Ontario Human Rights Commission).


Any Primary Grade
– Teacher reads a book such as Gloria Goes to Gay Pride
– Teacher discusses different kinds of love and families
– Magazines with pictures of gay and lesbian couples are provided
– Children make a collage of pictures of different kinds of love and families (men passionately kissing men, and/or women passionately kissing women)
– Collages can be used to decorate classroom during Gay Pride Week.

Gr. 2 Unit—Both/And
– Students are taught that their gender has more to do with clothes they wear and activities in which they participate
– In a Toronto Sun news article entitled, “Warmington: Serious Gender Bender,” dated October 16, 2013, writer Joe Warmington began his article: “There are no rules for being a boy or a girl” — slogan on a TDSB poster. So now the Toronto District School Board is telling kids they don’t have to be boys or girls?”
– Grade 3
— teacher reads a story like Daddy’s Wedding, or King & King and talks about how marriage can be between two people of the same sex. Some classrooms then participate in a mock same sex mass wedding ceremony, then celebrate with cake and ice cream.
– 7th and 8th grade
– sex-ed curriculum includes information about conception and heterosexual activity. To not discriminate against LGBT, the new curriculum also includes references to homosexual sex.

Education After Same Sex Marriage:
– Sexual lifestyle messaging has been integrated into all subjects and grade levels
– GSA clubs are now mandatory (in high schools and middle schools)
– But faith clubs are often not allowed—because their values discriminate against GSA values
– Parental requests to be informed about sensitive curriculum are not respected
– Diplomatic disagreement in classrooms is considered “homophobia” (a word now banned by Associate Press as a “discriminatory slur”)
– Teachers are told there are no religious accommodations for them
– Students are allowed to use the washroom, change room, and shower facilities that are consistent with what they “perceive” to be their gender, not their anatomical sex.

Parents’ religious freedom is being taken away!
Now pressure is mounting—as we predicted—to legalize polygamy; indeed, some polygamous families are already drawing multiple welfare payments for multiple wives and their children. And our universities are teaching courses on “intergenerational sex”—pedophilia!

Only one political party in Canada opposes re-defining marriage: your CHP. Lend your support to the defence of marriage and the family today by becoming a member at

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4 thoughts on “Protect Canada’s children from pornographic politics!

  1. Thomas

    … The TDSB have managed to send a blog forum named Topix to court in the USA….The school board is censoring the internet. A copy of the court document is on:

    What’s more disturbing is that a forum host Topix was in court with three TDSB Principals over some posts on Topix—the court granted the teachers a subpoena in retrieving the phone #, email addres, IP address login information (?) from Topix…..

    The 3 teacher initially requested that Topix hand over the information without the users’ knowledge. Imagine what the TDSB is doing in spying, monitoring and tracing people online…This is serious privacy infringement.

    The(y) … are invading Canadians and Americans privacy for alleged slander. The Plantiffs who filed a subpoena are 3 TDSB teachers.

    Who knows what else the TDSB is doing to bloggers and people who are aware of the pedophile grooming curriculum?


  2. a potential supporter

    You are in error on one thing: it was a judge that changed the definition of marriage, not the fed Liberals. True, they did not appeal it, but there is another key fact you conveniently forgot to mention:

    Harper’s Conservatives have been in power since 2006, and have had a majority since 2011. They have never acted once to change / reset the laws around anything they claim to stand for, including traditional marriage. Yet they campaign for $ claiming they are “conservative”.

    What the Conservatives are is hungry for power, and the ends justify the means.

    So stop slugging potential allies who may be Liberal supporters. This is a bigger problem than partisanship.

    • I believe Harper is a Unitarian type of Christian as Charles Darwin was. They call themselves Libertarians today mostly. The belief that majority rules and that morals are determined by the majority opinion. It is a form of moral relativism which denies the “Supremacy of God” clause in Canada’s constitution and of God himself in moral issues. If there is a God which unfortunately in Canadian Society there is little support for today, there are Absolute morals to be adhered to which are dictated by Him not us. Originally the founding fathers of Canada’s confederation held a three hour prayer meeting for the future of Canada and at that meeting the suggestion was made that we use the name Dominion of Canada to describe our country. A verse of scripture was cited in our Federal parliament which was “That He (God) might have dominion from sea to sea.” Psalm 72.8 Canada today is on a slippery slope which it can only get off of if it returns to its Judeao Christian roots.

      Psalm 72 – 8 He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, And from the river unto the ends of the earth.

      It was felt that this verse was made just for Canada and that it described the Ottawa river which flowed to the sea and the bordering seas to the West and the East that hemmed in our country. It was strongly enough felt that this founding verse for the Country of Canada was inscribed in an archway of the Bell Tower where visitors to the Parliament buildings enter.

      The Cambridge Paragraph Bible: Of the Authorized English Version (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1873), Ps 72:7–8.

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