Crusaders Choir with Voices of Joy


Ray: I recorded a concert featuring the Crusaders Mens Choir and the Voices of Joy Choir at Springdale Christian Reformed Church this past Friday, Feb. 28th. The scripture says that “the joy of the Lord is our strength”. The Joy of the Lord ought to be our main purpose in life. Some of us have great career opportunities and great wealth. Others lead a meager existence with little opportunity for worldly gain and what the world might call success, but there is one thing that defines our humanity that makes us all equal before God. We are all sinners in need of forgiveness of our sins and we are all headed for a lost eternity if we do not repent of our wicked ways. The thing that we all need desperately is joy in our lives. The kind of joy that will carry us through the death of a loved one, sickness and suffering that this world brings. The kind of joy in which you can rest assured that you will have an eternity with God. The joy that is found when we come to our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen carefully to this concert and see if the joy they express speaks to you. If it does make it your determination to experience that joy first hand and start a dialogue with your God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus.

As you will realize if you watched the video above. The choir “Voices of Joy” features adults who have been affected by learning disabilities. The following video is one that also shows the happiness and joy that these folks can bring into our lives. They are a blessing to us as well as a responsibility.

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