Targeted Infanticide of Unborn Downs Syndrome


Ray: I received the following email from my good friend Charles McVety today. If there is a youtube version of the program he encourages you to watch I will post it later. Please tune in to watch this program that Charles is bringing our attention to if you are a Canadian and have access to the television station that he mentions in the letter.


Let Them Live
It is truly unbelievable that we live in a world where our Canadian government targets a certain group of human beings and successfully terminates 90% them before they have a chance to take their first breath.  Down syndrome people are some of the sweetest, most gentle and affectionate people on earth, yet our society seeks to exterminate them. Why?
Does any group of people deserve to be exterminated?  Is this not the very definition of genocide?
Surely modern science and civilized thinking can lead us to cease and desist the targeting and terminating of a precious category of human citizens.  Their sweet, gentle, kind presence is desperately needed in this cold-hearted world.
Respectfully, we must demand that our government pass legislation to stop this “genocide”.
Further details at

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 Please act to help Let Them Live:
1. Sign the petition at
2. Donate to help let them live.
3. Call the Prime Minister at (613) 992-4211 and Call your Member of Parliament.
Jesus Christ says “whatever you do to the least of these you do unto me”  We must act for those who can’t.
Ray, if not you, then who?  If not now, when?
Please act today.  Send this email to your friends.
Please read the full article at
Also watch a Let Them Live Television Special Sunday Night at 8:30pm Canadian Times on Daystar TV (Grace TV) Ch 241-Rogers, Ch 399 Shaw Direct, or check local listings


Dr. Charles McVety

Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies
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2 thoughts on “Targeted Infanticide of Unborn Downs Syndrome

  1. I signed the petition. The following was my comment to our Prime Minister.

    We expect our Prime Minister to obey the Canadian charter which recognizes the Supremacy of God. If God is supreme then His morals are supreme over man’s morals. Unlike our Prime Minister populist and Libertarian actions which require the counsel of men rather than the council of God I believe if our Prime minister will sequester himself with God and His word the Bible it will become obvious what he must do to move this country toward repentance of its current evil of Murder of the Unborn. I have to question our Prime Ministers illusion that he presents to Canada that he is a Christian. The Bible says to examine yourself to see if Christ is in you. If He is then listen to His instructions for the governance of Canada, including in regard to the rights of unborn children and including unborn downs syndrome children.

  2. Jesus Christ

    There has been a debate about the bible and evolution for many years. I believe that this story should set the record straight.

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