No Intelligence Allowed

Whitefox_AvatarRay: Ben Stein produced a great movie a few years ago that detailed the kind of discrimination that Scientists who seek to tell the truth which favors intelligent design face, including job loss, being banned from scientific review journals and being ridiculed in general. The video is famous for the way in which Ben turned the tables on some famous evolutionists who tried to argue themselves for intelligent design but just not God as the intelligent designer.

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7 thoughts on “No Intelligence Allowed

  1. Actually it exaggerated and misrepresented a few faux martyrs and presented their stories as the norm, deceptively edited interviews gained under false pretenses, and lied about science. My favorite lie in the movie was the supposed quote they gave from darwin which supposedly proved he was pro-eugenics which was edited in several places to completely reverse it’s original meaning and which, in context, described forced eugenics as, and this is a direct quote, “an overwhelming present evil”.

    • Thanks for replying. Many just sit back without comment. I would like you to look at the other video I just posted and give your comment on it as well. It claims to have given 100% absolute proof of intelligent design “The signs of God’s existence”. Can you refute their “golden rule” proof that they give there. Please comment on any of our other posts as well. Have you seen the training toolbar above? We have some interesting topics there. We welcome all responses at our website unless they are a threat in nature toward us.

  2. Can you quote what Darwin actually said? I fail to understand the edit without a full quote of what was edited.

  3. As agnophilo said; most of these cases in the documentary were exaggerated or misrepresented. After all; just look at the “list of people who doubt Darwin” many creationists are fond of bringing up. There’s ~500 names on it; most of them associated with a university. Yet you could count the number of cases of being “expelled” on one hand (and even then, as Agno said, that isn’t really the truth).

    What I find most interesting is that the idea of academic freedom, of teaching both sides and allowing dissent is only advocated by creationists for their ideas. Most creationist organisations and univeristies include a statement of faith that staff have to sign, excluding all other view points. No secular universities do that. And when people don’t sign the statement of faith they do get fired, as has just happened at Bryan College.

    Hypocritical, much?

  4. Adam. That’s like saying that there is an Atheist Organization but that it won’t let you be an atheist unless you agree you do not believe in God.

    And then saying Hypocritical, eh? (I have to Canadianize your comment.)

    Universities are the place that traditionally sought for truth. Actually they were started by Christians who sought Truth within the context of seeking God’s Truth originally but as they are today they still claim to represent truth. Atheists and Christians should be welcomed within their doors.

    I used to get high marks when I argued against my Psychology teacher in my essays, pointing things out to him such as that Psyche is the Greek word for Soul and that the profession is an attempt to deal with men’s souls void of religion. In fact I would point out to him that Freud taught that there was “Religious Repression” but that the books had eliminated the word “Religious” by the 50’s and that in fact it was an oxymoron for a Christian to believe that men’s souls should be counselled outside of the use of the Bible as administered by a pastor.

    I did well as a student getting the highest marks in my pursuit of truth in this anti-christian class that I was forced to take. That was 30 years ago for me. I wonder how you would do if you discovered that everything you are being taught is a lie as I did and you began to argue with your professors today as I did. I fear for this generation.

    The Bible says “Beware of Science falsely so called.” (1 Tim 6.20).

    • An atheist group that only allows in atheists is a social group, and these can have such stringent membership criteria. However, we’re dealing with an academic institution here and intelligent design proponents have long argued for academic freedom to get their view included in such institutions. They’ve gone after public and private schools, NASA and even other universities to advocate for such freedoms. Yet when it is evolution being excluded, they don’t say a word. This is just the latest case in a long line of such examples. Canadian or no, that is hypocritical, eh?

      My undergraduate thesis was an attempt to disprove one of the popular explanations for hominin encephalisation (and the topic of my supervisors most recent paper) and my masters thesis (which I’m gathering data for as a write this) is trying to dispute recent claims about the locomotion of Australopithecus sediba. In fact my whole masters has consisted of many discussions of popular ideas, picking holes in them and as a result many of my coursemates (and me) have now dismissed many popular hypotheses about human evolution. I’m not going to pretend I’m some perfect super-intellectual capable of separating fact from fiction, but if you’d read or heard any of what I’ve said before I think it would be apparent I’m not just going along with what people say. In fact, even my blog is a nice example of that; as most of my posts end with me pointing out the flaws in some research.

      But as I said, I’m not perfect. If you’ve got that piece of evidence I’ve overlooked that throws the entirety of palaeoanthropology into the dumpster, I’m all ears.

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