Over 500 wars fought by Islam so far!

Whitefox_AvatarRay: The speaker asks why everyone is so afraid to know the truth about Islam?

The speaker is Dr. Bill Warner,

The title he chose for this topic is “Why we are afraid, A 1400 year secret”

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2 thoughts on “Over 500 wars fought by Islam so far!

  1. garyfpatton

    Thank you, Ray, for your helpful and informative website.

    I always find you and it to be well-documented and more objective in your approach to the truth than most.

    I am intrigued by this video. As one trained as an historian, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I would lik to circulate the video with attribution to, and identification of, the presenter and author.

    Who is the person speaking who calls himself a scientist not a historian while talking about contoversial historical facts?

    Would you please help me in this regard?


  2. Gary, I updated the original posting to add this information. Also if you click on the Youtube link you will find out more about the original poster. God Bless.

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