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Whitefox_AvatarRay: This blog has not been updated in awhile. I have been kept quite busy doing other things this year. However it is planned to start to update the site again and perhaps improve it in some way. Brad Snell and I were given the opportunity to go on Radio with our show in Markham last summer but I was too busy to make it happen. Recently I was on the air with Dorion Arthur Baxter on STAR RAY TV which is a Digital Antenna TV Show that broadcasts in Scarborough to approximately 60,000 homes across Toronto. We have been invited back on the air in two weeks time. I hope to provide a link here at Truth is what matters to these shows going forward. And I hope to return to providing information at this website. I trust my readers will come back from time to time continue to find good content that helps you to strengthen your faith (trust) in the Bible and the God and Son of the Bible and that it will help you to explain your beliefs to the lost and dying world in which we live.

To those that read this blog and happen to live near Newmarket, Ontario I invite you to come and visit the Good Times Cafe on Sunday afternoons from 1.30 to 6.00 pm. I sing with the Elvis Tribute Artist Dorian Arthur Baxter some Gospel songs and some secular. Come and sing with us while you enjoy an all day breakfast meal. It is located on Bathurst just south of Davis Drive.

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