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Whats happening

Whitefox_AvatarRay: This blog has not been updated in awhile. I have been kept quite busy doing other things this year. However it is planned to start to update the site again and perhaps improve it in some way. Brad Snell and I were given the opportunity to go on Radio with our show in Markham last summer but I was too busy to make it happen. Recently I was on the air with Dorion Arthur Baxter on STAR RAY TV which is a Digital Antenna TV Show that broadcasts in Scarborough to approximately 60,000 homes across Toronto. We have been invited back on the air in two weeks time. I hope to provide a link here at Truth is what matters to these shows going forward. And I hope to return to providing information at this website. I trust my readers will come back from time to time continue to find good content that helps you to strengthen your faith (trust) in the Bible and the God and Son of the Bible and that it will help you to explain your beliefs to the lost and dying world in which we live.

To those that read this blog and happen to live near Newmarket, Ontario I invite you to come and visit the Good Times Cafe on Sunday afternoons from 1.30 to 6.00 pm. I sing with the Elvis Tribute Artist Dorian Arthur Baxter some Gospel songs and some secular. Come and sing with us while you enjoy an all day breakfast meal. It is located on Bathurst just south of Davis Drive.

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Will there be a seven year peace treaty with Israel?

Whitefox_AvatarRay: There is possibly scripture prophecy fulfilling news today. The following is a quote from the today’s Jerusalem Post:

“Israel insists on demilitarizing the Gaza Strip from rockets and missiles, and the declaration of a cease-fire that would last between five and seven years,” he said. “The Palestinian side has yet to compromise on any of the key questions.”

For the full article goto

The bible warns about a seven year peace treaty as the trigger that starts what a seven year tribulation, which is the countdown for Christ’s return. Half way through the tribulation seven year period begins what the the Bible refers to as the “Great tribulation”. During the Great Tribulation the world will be in greater turmoil than it has ever experienced before this time.” The seven year Tribulation period comes in with the world celebrating Peace, Peace but the Bible warns there will be no peace. A one world order emerges that will enforce this peace, headed up by a one world leader who the Bible calls the Anti-Christ. (Almost like Christ, a facsimile). The word anti doesn’t mean opposite it means very similar. However he is not the real deal. Half way through the seven year peace this world leader will show his true intention that the world will bow to him and worship an idol that he will set up in the holy place in the temple at Jerusalem.

And world war will break out as the one world order goes back into disorder.

“He will make a treaty with the people [Israel] for a period of one set of seven [7 years], but after half this time [3.5 years] he will put an end to sacrifices and offerings...”(Daniel 9:27)


“Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place” (whoever reads, let him understand) (Mark 3:15)

The bible tells us to know the signs of the times and to not be deceived. Jesus is coming back to this earth to set up his kingdom in Jerusalem but before this happens much bloodshed will occur. The Bible tells us to be aware of the signs and to be ready for Christs return. If you are not “saved” or as we call “born again” and you do not know for certain that if you die tonight that you will be in heaven, now is the time to seek God diligently. Get in touch with me r a y l u f f @ r o g e r s . com if you want to converse about this with me.

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Scugog Bikers Church (Port Perry)

Whitefox_AvatarRay: As I have mentioned occasionally, I am a returning biker after a 25 year absence. I picked up a 1986 Goldwing three years ago which hadn’t been ridden for 19 years and had only 16K miles on the odometer. Since that time I have been getting to know the biker community in my area and beyond. Recently I have begun to visit the Scugog Biker Church in Port Perry. This community that meets at the biker church reminds me of the Christian coffeehouse community that I participated in for over a dozen years in the 70’s and 80’s. One thing that really stands out among these folks is the acceptance of folks from all walks of life.  If you can come to meet with us in Port Perry, we meet at 7pm on Thursday evenings at 1580 Reach Street, Port Perry. If you are interested in meeting in Newmarket contact me. r a y l u f f @ r o g e r s . c o m.


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Over 500 wars fought by Islam so far!

Whitefox_AvatarRay: The speaker asks why everyone is so afraid to know the truth about Islam?

The speaker is Dr. Bill Warner,

The title he chose for this topic is “Why we are afraid, A 1400 year secret”

We welcome your comments.

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Washington gave a warning to America

Whitefox_AvatarRay: Listen to this very powerful message regarding the United States current drive toward eliminating all reference to God in the public square. The same warning should be headed in Canada and by all nations for that matter. (Follow the link as I was unable to get the video to embed in this website.)

As always we would like to know what is your opinion. Please make your comments here.

WASHINGTON – The prophetic words delivered in 1789 by President George Washington in his first inaugural speech echoed loud and clear Wednesday evening in the chamber of the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall – this time in the voice of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of the best-selling “The Harbinger.”



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Hatred Islam’s war on Christianity

Whitefox_AvatarRay: Michael Coren has just written a new book called “Hatred – Islam’s war on Christianity. He introduces his book in the following video.

I must say that I know Muslims who wish to distance themselves from this form of Islam. They too share concern about it. However, perhaps its time to leave the Muslim faith and to find a more loving one. I am biased however as a Christian in making that comment.

Jesus said “Love your enemies”. The Quran says that Jesus is a prophet of Islam. They are disobeying Jesus command if they show hatred rather than the Love that Jesus taught. Please read the Bible if you are Muslim. particularly read the New Testament and learn about Jesus and what he taught.

I am interested in anyone defending their view of this topic. I will not post comments however that include foul language or are threatening in nature.


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The Signs of God’s Existence – Documentary

Whitefox_AvatarRay: I intend to put original material at our website. I say this because every now and then you will find it. If you go to the “TRAINING” toolbar above you will find some original video I have recorded in the “Creation vs Evolution” section and in the “Mens Breakfast Study”, “Revelation”, “Prophecy” and “Christian Muslim Debate” sections. Also if you troll enough here you will find some discussions with Brad Snell and myself. However there is so much good material on the net I have chosen to showcase some of the best available over the past several months.

I hope you will benefit from this latest video that I am showcasing in this video.

I am hoping others will contribute to the various topics at this website. Please like us, share us on Facebook, and leave your comments on the various topics.

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How evolution is driving the clergy to atheism

Whitefox_AvatarRay: The following article at the Creation Ministries website, I find quite informative.

I came to the conclusion after several years of debating in the Atheist community that atheists are simply sceptics that have taken their scepticism to its logical conclusion of either Agnosticism or Atheism. The latter being the most hardened position. I would participate in an Atheist forum and often find myself outnumbered with responses. The ratio could be one Theist to 100 Atheists at times. It was too hard to keep up and wearisome. So I wrote my responses out as tracts and cut and pasted the tracts so I would have less work to do to answer questions. I would state my case and say for more info drill down to a link that I would provide which gave the full answer in the form of a downloadable tract. After awhile that was not enough so I searched the internet looking for other Christians to come help me to debate these folks. I found some Christian websites where discussions were being held and to my shock and horror the Christians were expressing doubts at their website forums. Their doubts were not to the extent of Agnosticism or Atheism but nevertheless how could I enlist the help of Christians who themselves were tainted by doubts?

As I researched this phenomenon further, I discovered that it is mostly the youth and young adults and even Bible school students that are what I would now call Sceptics. From that time forward I redirected my ministry to try to help “Sceptics” to not harden their hearts and become Atheists or Agnostics. I have for various reasons not had time to continue directly debating the Atheist community but I do spend most of my time pursuing goals to reach the sceptics we have among Christendom in the hopes to stop them from fully eating the cyanide pill they are nibbling on. I have also realized that perhaps by giving the “Truth that Matters” message that they be strengthened to assist in helping other Sceptics and even Atheists and Agnostics to turn them toward the Truth which is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ who said “I am the way the truth and the life.” Jesus also said “the Truth will set you free”. Perhaps by dispelling the lies of evolution and other lies that are prevalent today I can accomplish my original goal of reaching the Atheist community will be bolstered as well.  The Bible does warn also that at the end of the age that even the elect if possible will succumb to deception. There is much deception that sounds true but as you carefully investigate the truth claims and if you are willing as part of your searching for truth to consider the truth claims of the Lord Jesus Christ it is a promise that you will find answers. Jesus made a promise when he said “Seek and you will find.” I believe that promise. I hope you will experience that promise fulfilled in your life as I have.

Back to the article at hand. I hope you will follow its link and read the full article. I would encourage anyone visiting this website to offer your comments for discussion here as well.

Abandoning the Bible for ‘science’


Published: 24 April 2014 (GMT+10)

Atheists have fired another salvo in their ongoing assault on the Bible and, in particular, the truth of Genesis and its importance in the creation-evolution debate.

This time it involves the recent publication of Caught In The Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind1 by Daniel Dennett and Linda LaScola.

And it should dispel any doubts in the minds of Christians about how focused atheists are on highlighting how accepting the evolutionary view of the world is a major factor in people abandoning their faith in the God of the Bible.

The book is an extension of Richard Dawkins’ ‘The Clergy Project’, which has been described as “a confidential online community for active and former professional clergy/religious leaders who do not hold supernatural beliefs”.2

If the evidence before your eyes doesn’t support a belief, you cannot will yourself to believe it anyway—Richard Dawkins

It chronicles the struggles of several mostly Christian church leaders who have become unbelievers, and is another sobering reminder of this not-so-surprising reality.

The authors seem to think they have exposed something that believers are unaware of and that it will bring down Christianity. What they see as a growing church exodus gives them that expectation.

The reality is that there always have been—and always will be—people who ‘lose their faith’, whether they occupy the pulpit or not. Consider, for example, Canadian (and Billy Graham colleague) Charles Templeton, whose spectacular fall from mass evangelist to unbeliever was in no small part linked to his doubts over Genesis.3

What the authors discovered from participants interviewed are several things Creation Ministries International and many thinking Christians have long pointed out. Sadly, many in the church:

  • have rejected the historicity of the Genesis account including that Adam and Eve were real people;
  • have accepted long ages and evolution as fact;
  • now deny Christ’s Deity.

And many seminaries now teach along all of those lines.


For the rest of the article go to the following link

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No Intelligence Allowed

Whitefox_AvatarRay: Ben Stein produced a great movie a few years ago that detailed the kind of discrimination that Scientists who seek to tell the truth which favors intelligent design face, including job loss, being banned from scientific review journals and being ridiculed in general. The video is famous for the way in which Ben turned the tables on some famous evolutionists who tried to argue themselves for intelligent design but just not God as the intelligent designer.

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Targeted Infanticide of Unborn Downs Syndrome


Ray: I received the following email from my good friend Charles McVety today. If there is a youtube version of the program he encourages you to watch I will post it later. Please tune in to watch this program that Charles is bringing our attention to if you are a Canadian and have access to the television station that he mentions in the letter.


Let Them Live
It is truly unbelievable that we live in a world where our Canadian government targets a certain group of human beings and successfully terminates 90% them before they have a chance to take their first breath.  Down syndrome people are some of the sweetest, most gentle and affectionate people on earth, yet our society seeks to exterminate them. Why?
Does any group of people deserve to be exterminated?  Is this not the very definition of genocide?
Surely modern science and civilized thinking can lead us to cease and desist the targeting and terminating of a precious category of human citizens.  Their sweet, gentle, kind presence is desperately needed in this cold-hearted world.
Respectfully, we must demand that our government pass legislation to stop this “genocide”.
Further details at

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Be sure to “Like”

 Please act to help Let Them Live:
1. Sign the petition at
2. Donate to help let them live.
3. Call the Prime Minister at (613) 992-4211 and Call your Member of Parliament.
Jesus Christ says “whatever you do to the least of these you do unto me”  We must act for those who can’t.
Ray, if not you, then who?  If not now, when?
Please act today.  Send this email to your friends.
Please read the full article at
Also watch a Let Them Live Television Special Sunday Night at 8:30pm Canadian Times on Daystar TV (Grace TV) Ch 241-Rogers, Ch 399 Shaw Direct, or check local listings


Dr. Charles McVety

Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies
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