Ray: Crown Rights Publications has just released their film “Babies Are Murdered Here”. Apparently over 10,000 hits were made on youtube within 24 hours of its being posted. We recommend you watch this video and we welcome your comments here.

I disagree with one comment in the video. Babies who are murdered go directly to heaven they do not go directly to hell as the preacher in the video intimated. He said he was saving babies from going to hell. The doctrine of the age of innocence is that there is an age of accountability for our eternal destiny by which God holds us accountable for our sins. Yes all are born in sin including newborn babies, but the message of the Bible is that Christs righteousness may be imputed to us and our unrighteousness may be imputed to Christ if we put our trust in Him. The innocent who have not the ability yet to do so are protected by Him. David when his child died after birth said I will go to be with him (in the after life). We do not think David meant he was going to an afterlife in hell when he said this.

Offer your comments on this most important topic. God Bless.

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Lindon Gibbons – Jailed explains her defense of the Unborn

It’s is unusual that I would post twice from the CHP at our website. Normally I would not post anything from a registered Canadian Political Party at all but these people are fighting for the rights of Canadian Citizens. A fight that few others are taking up.

This video is really worth seeing.

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Why Does God Allow Suffering?

  • RAY: Brad and I piloted this show in the spring of 2012. Now going into the fall season we hope to pick up where we left off. This week we talked about the topic of Suffering. There is more to say about suffering. For example I find it very interesting that God who allows us to suffer also allowed His only Begotten Son to suffer as His solution to ending our “eternal suffering”. Suffering began when sin entered into the world. Therefore the Son of God had to suffer in order to remove the penalty of sin from us.

    We would like to know what you think about suffering. Let us know how you have chosen to respond to it in your life.

  • The 1986 Honda Goldwing Aspencade.

    We said on the program we would incude a clip of the Goldwng motorcycle I picked up ths summer. I took it to a show and thought I’d take some pictures there. The show was rained out but there was a great concert put on by a one man band local talent “Bob Hawkins”.

    The bike currently has 16,900 miles on it. I have a moving message sign on the back. If you think of a Bible quote I should use on it, let me know. ie “The Lords Triumph rode throughout the land.”

    Those of you that ride motorcycles: Be Safe. Some would consider that at an oxymoron statement to make of those that ride two wheels. The invitation to know Christ regards your eternal safety. I wish you that safety as well.

    For you bike enthusiasts here is a Canadian Made bike show worth watching

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