Other Interests

Ray Luff

For info about my business life see my business website

For info about my religious life see my Bible website http://bibledoor.com

I have a few hobbies that I may post pictures of them here in future.

1. I have been interested in fish as a hobby. I have few nice sized fish tanks. One is 6′ x 2′ x 2′ in size. Another is 4′ x 2′ x 2′. There have been times when I supplied fish to the fish stores. I currently more often supply plants.

2. I was an avid chess player in my youth. I still enjoy a game now and then. I was able to beat an Ontario Chess champian several times but not the majority of times. He was amazed that I had never joined a club or competed. I lost interest because I usually beat everyone that i played. It got borring. However my dad who taught me can beat me most of the time now when I play him. He says when I was younger i was often beating him before i lost interest.

3. I am interested in music. I played in a praise band for awhile and I wrote some Christian songs in the 80’s. I have been more of a collector than a musician. I have in my collection a 1982 EXII LES PAUL (Experimental remake of 1957 guitar), a hand made FENDER prototype guitar which was made by Ron Thornton from which a very limited run of “tree tree of life” stratocaster guitars was fashioned, and a Lado Super falcon made pre 1982. I am also equiped to do video and audio recording of conferencdes.

4. I love boating. All types. Canoe triping, Sailing, and I enjoy most of all our Crownline bowrider.

5. I have renewed my interest in photography. For many many years I ignored the hobby as it went digital and I was not willing to pick up a good Digital SLR camera until it was better than my film camera which I also had stopped using for many years. OM – 2N with Zeiss 1.2 55mm lens. Finally I picked up the Canon 5d Mark II with 20mm 1.8 Sigma, 28 1.8 Canon, Original 55mm Zeiss converted, 24-70 2.8 L Canon, 70-200 L IS Canon lenses and 2.0x iii and 1.4x ii teleconvderters.

6. I have authored some books and have setup a small print shop to self publish them and also books by others. I am currently working on the Simplified King James Old Testament the New Testament is complete. A sample of it is available from the http://www.bibledoor.com website. Look under STORE / FREEBIES / GOSPEL of JOHN. Self publishing and authoring has become a hobby with a reason for it which could eventually become a comercial interest.

I have lived my life trying many things and I enjoy diversity. I also enjoy being in constant learning mode. I feel like I never left University at 52.

My facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/ray.luff.5

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