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Seeking for Truth

01ff5b7Ray: The search for truth is the core purpose that we have started our website. Jesus said “Seek and you will find.” We believe that truth is not elusive that it may be found but we might have to do our part to do some home work and put some effort in, in order to find it. Once you know the target is there the next step is to figure out how to hit the target.

I worked during my career as an Management Information Systems Consultant. In my travels I was made privy to the Business rules used to make money by some of my financial clients. In the late 90’s I worked for one client that was a private corporation in which the owner had 5 Billion net worth invested in the company and his salary was 5 Million per year. He was the richest Canadian and wasn’t interested in any one knowing it. I asked how he became so rich? I was told that in the 60’s he discovered that he could consistently average 100% return on his investments in the stock market. I was told that eventually he had this whole company put together and that his wealth skyrocketed continually. The company didn’t double its value every year but this particular stock broker who owned the company continually showed this kind of performance to the rest of his staff in his own portfolio within the company. I was told he wouldn’t share the information even with his own staff. I was told he didn’t have a particular rule other than he switched his tactics continually and that he spent a lot of time researching the market. More than most.

What I learned from this is if one man can do it, I can do it. I subsequently did quite well in the market myself averaging 40% return for 5 years running. One of those years I reached 100% return but that year was averaged against one year that I lost 8% and the overall average for me was around 40%. I don’t do the stocks now. I may again. I have switched to other less high yield investing but that allows me to pursue some of my other pursuits with my limited time available to me. But the reason I tell this story is to relate that Once I knew that someone could be successful in the stock market then I also knew it could be done again. But I had to then do a lot of seeking to find the secret of that mans success. I believe I partially found some of what he knew and partially repeated his success. I had to do a lot of seeking to accomplish what I did accomplish. I was rewarded for my seeking to the level that I was willing to seek.

There is vastly more treasure to be had in seeking the truth from the Absolute God who can reveal Absolute truth to us. Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life”. The reward we are seeking is eternal life. That is a wealth far beyond earthly riches. Even after accomplishing that there is further treasure to unearth if we are seriously devoted seekers of Truth.

Seeking truth, if I am to accept that the Bible is the place to find it involves seeking to know Jesus. (Look for our topic Prophecy proves the Bible for the reason that I believe truth is to be found in the Bible.


Jesus said,

John 8 – 31 the Truth shall set you free.

The Apostle Paul said,

1 Timothy 2. 3 … God our Saviour; 4 … desires all men to be saved, and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

I believe that for some the seeking of truth will lead them to salvation and for those already led to salvation it is Gods desire that they continue on to seek to know the truth. A starting point in that venture is to come to realize that there is truth. Once you realize this then how can you help but seek it to its ultimate end.

Sean McDowell: Why Truth Still Matters
Read what Sean McDowell has to say about the importance of seeking truth.

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