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  1. Hello I am from the Rational Responders website. After emailing Ray, he suggested I check out his website. I noticed I have not been able to connect to the BibleDoor website, and it is down. I send an email to Ray indicating this but wanted to let Mr. Brad Snell also know of the problem with the site being down. Thanx.

    • It took a long time to resolve. The site that Dana is referring to is Thank you for looking at this website and the Bibledoor website from time to time.

      I spent several years just at the Atheist Network site and then a while with Rational Responders prior to trying to come up with answers for that community on my own at my own websites. I still do my research with you guys in mind. For example I was challenged about almost a decade ago now by Rational Responders and the prior Atheist Network people to defend the accuracy of our Bibles. I was also challenged by Muslims in this regard. I went to college studied Greek then I went back and studied Hebrew as well. I wrote a book about my conclusions that the original Hebrew and Greek is defendable but that I could not defend much of what is being done in modern translations to use a KJV term to “Wrest” the true meaning from the scriptures. I wrote a book in 2009 called “Illumination or Illusion” which looked deeply into this topic.

      After that I started translation work of my own with two retired Greek and Hebrew professors assisting me as needed to produce what we are calling the “Simplified King James Version Bible”. We have had the New Testament portion of this work in print since 2010 and the Old Testament portion is also complete but currently under review to be released hopefully during 2013.

      Also in relation to the Rational Responders it has been my goal to add commentary to answer the questions that skeptics ask. Such as where in the Bible does it teach “the Trinity”? We have over 80 verses identified in one of the commentaries of the SKJV to answer this directly. Then we have the name of God himself in the Hebrew language EL-OHEIM used over 2000 times in the Old Testament. The OHEIIM meaning means more than one. ODEIM which is never used in reference to God means 2. IF God is not a plural God the Hebrew has room for that option. ln approximately 200 instances God is referred to as just EL which is singular God.

      These are the kinds of answers we are embedding in this Simplified King James Bible.

      When time permits in the future I hope to answer every question of the “Skeptics Annotated Bible” with the “Answers for Skeptics SKJV Bible”.

      Unfortunately the Atheist community in which I called myself “WHITEFOX” hasn’t heard much from me for years now. It is because I have been working to answer the questions they ask diligently in what is becoming a decade long pursuit. Not that their questions cannot be answered quickly. But I wish to answer people precisely with as much precision as I can muster. I hope in time to provide resources for other Christians to be using in their own witness to Skeptics as well. I have not forgotten that community but I seldom engage them directly as I once did these days. They are still the ones I am working for however.

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