Without Jesus there is no absolute truth

RAY: At this website we hope to directly engage folks regarding things in which worldviews collide. Jesus said

“I am the way the truth and the life”. (John 14.6, SKJV)

Truth seems to be part of the invitation appeal being made by Jesus. It is said of Christ by the Apostle Paul that

“God our saviour desires that all men might be saved and to come to the 
knowledge of the truth”. (1 Tim 2.3-4, SKJV)

It makes sense to us that the world in general is leaning toward the idea that there is no absolute truth because for the most part the world is becoming increasingly affected by the false philosophy of Secular Humanism. The secular humanist cannot be confident in his ability to know the truth because truth does not exist without a knowledge of God and the world is increasingly rejecting the God of creation, our Lord Jesus Christ.

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God, 
and all things that are made were made by Him. ... The Word became flesh 
and dwelt among us.” (John 1.1-3,14, SKJV - available at www.bibledoor.com)

Secular Humanism has taught today’s generation that Evolution is responsible for creation not Jesus. It has taught that there is no absolute truth because it is teaching there is no God. If God is truth which Jesus claimed He is then there is no truth if there is no Jesus in a persons life. At least for the person lacking the experience of Jesus there is no truth.

Some interesting Videos on Vimeo and Youtube related to ABSOLUTE TRUTH
(disclaimer: These are videos of what others are saying who are not associated with our website.)
Absolute Truth – World View On the Street
Absolute Truth by Daniel Arsenault
Absolute truth by www.crossexamined.org

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10 thoughts on “Without Jesus there is no absolute truth

  1. Paul

    Hey Ray, I saw a good message on the very same subject recently. The speaker suggested a rhetorical reply to the notion of “There is no absolute truth”. Is that true? LOL

    • LOL. In other words the person saying “there is no truth” should be challenged to indicate whether that rhetorical statement of his is true. It is funny how sceptics of absolutism are willing to make absolute statements to refute the idea that there are absolutes.

      One of the funny challenges for ATHEISTS is to identify themselves in terms that do not apeal to THEO (The greek word for God) because in order to take an oposite stance against something indicates that there is something you are standing against. (IE LIGHT requires DARKNESS in order to know there is light.)

  2. Quoted from you: “One of the funny challenges for ATHEISTS is to identify themselves in terms that do not apeal to THEO (The greek word for God) because in order to take an oposite stance against something indicates that there is something you are standing against.”

    You know that this can very easily be flipped around, right? Sounds like a desperate attempt and poor example to spread your cult-like thinking.

    • Thanks for posting. I can only explain what I believe to be true as you may also do so at our site. There is nothing cultish in either you holding to what you believe is true or for my holding to what I believe is true. I hope you will enjoy our friendship while at the same time we want to dicuss and contrast our views with yours without accusing each other of motives for our at times opposing beliefs.

      The socratic law of non-contradiciton means that two statements that contradict each other cannot possibly both be true at the same time. If I say it is June 25th in Toronto right now and you say it is June 24th in Toronto right now, there are only two possibilities. Either we are both wrong, one of us is right and the other is wrong. However it is impossible that both of us are right. The only thing we can rule out for certain is that both of us are right in this scenario. The fact that there can only be one truth doesn’t mean that those holding to it or an opposing view of it are arrogant or cultish.

      While we want to discuss and debate who is right at our site we don’t want to accuse others of ignorance, arogance or any other character trait. We just want to discuss the matters of truth only. At our site “Truth is what matters” but we try to keep from getting emmotional, intolerant and the such in making our arguments to each other.


      • Speaking of absolute truth based on an non-existent, non-provable idea which we shall call in this case your faith, is NOT the absolute truth, my friend! See the definition of faith, that is what you have, not the absolute truth.

        In order to have absolutely truth you must have known parameters for the solution of the equation, no less.

        Having faith and known facts are two entirely different issues, absolute truth does not come from faith.

        You said that Secular Humanist can’t be confident in the ability of knowing the truth?!?! To the contrary! You cant! It’s impossible to have knowledge from faith, you must have validation other than old wives tales written centuries ago.

        Implying that the non-existent and non-provable is the absolute truth is the absolute wrong.

        I have an analogy as well.

        Here’s my table, on top of it is nothing, it’s empty. I need no convincing of this absolute truth. You may believe however that there is something but nothing can be produced nor will you be able to ever show anyone that there is anything on this table.

        I understand your faith, please understand our common sense.

  3. You are correct in stating that faith does not prove absolute truth just as faith in the statement you are making does not prove the case for no absolute truth. We put our faith in what we believe to be true both you and I.

    Correct me if I am wrong. It sounds from your response that you do believe there is an absolute truth but that you do not believe the absolute truth that I present is the right absolute truth to put ones faith in.

    I take it as a challenge that it is important to establish that the book (the Bible) that I quote from must be proven to be a source of truth before I have the right to quote from it. I hope in a future program to take up that debate. I look forward to your comments when we tackle this issue of whether the Bible is a source of truth on a future show.

    Thank you for commenting. I look forward to hearing from you again especially when we tackle the topic of why the Bible is a source of Truth that can be relied upon. Please watch our posts as I begin to tackle that topic.

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