Whitefox_AvatarRay: All of the following videos are from a ministry called “The Berean Call”. Dave Hunt is now deceased and T.A. Mahon continues the ministry.

For the Psychology and the Church videos there is a book that was published by Dave Hunt, by the same title. Bob and Dierdra Bobgan authored 12 books on Psychology as a science that cannot be trusted. They both asked to have their licenses and degrees revoked when they defected from the profession of Psychology.

Bob and Dierdra Bobgan who are featured in the following six videos called “Psychology and the Church”, give away several of their books on this topic in .pdf format at ->

Psychology and the Church

Psychology as a belief system

Is Psychology of Satan?

How did Psychology enter the Church?

Psychiatrists as an Religion

Has the Church sold it’s birthright to Psychology?

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