Paedophiles are behind Ontario Sex Education

RAY: The following is an article from Charles McVety, President of Canada Christian College which he sent me today. I think our readers will find this information most interesting.


Dear Ray,

Many people have asked me, who is behind this radical sex education program confusing our young children with six gender teaching starting in kindergarten?

This movement was started by Dr. Alfred Kinsey who was a scientist, researcher and pedophile. Dr. Kinsey is cited on page 19 of Toronto District School Board curriculum guide Equitable and Inclusive Schools. Dr. Kinsey also published an 804 page book in 1948 that spawned the sex education programs of today’s children. He taught that children are sexual from birth and had orgasms as early as two months old. He used 317 men to rape hundreds of children, recording their every move, timed with a stopwatch. A few ways that Kinsey described children’s orgasms include kicking, screaming, hitting, convulsions and vomiting.

Kinsey’s infamous “table 34” (See Below) listed baby “orgasms” as young as 5 months old, and that a 4 year-old had 26 “orgasms” in 24 hours. This torture of little children led “scientists” to conclude that children need sex education as early as possible.

Now Ontario’s “Both/and — a curriculum resource for elementary school classrooms” states on page 18 “the idea of completely reforming the way that we as a culture think and speak about gender is daunting, at best. What better place to try though, than Kindergarten?”

As they teach Ontario ‘s precious children that they may be anyone of six genders and perform sexual experiments by inserting vegetables into each other, they do so based on the disturbing conclusions gleaned from Kinsey’s torture of children.

This must be stopped.

Please watch my TV Special on Dr. Kinsey, this Sunday Evening at 11:00 pm on Vision TV or at

Also be sure to have your friends sign the petition at

The TDSB wants to hear from you! Click here for more information

For the sake of the children please do not ignore this. I know you are busy but your action can help stop this insanity.

If not you, then who? If not now, when?

May God Bless You

We did a video program on how this problem has progressed on July 18, 2013

Dr. Charles McVety

President, Canada ChristianCollege and School of Graduate Theological Studies

A link regarding the Kinsey Report

Related Blog posting at another website

July 8, 2014,

Ray: The following is an update. Several have asked me to prove that Kinsey used more than one source for his report. It seems that Kinsey used several. The following is a documentary which gave the Kinsey institute ample opportunity to defend Kinsey but in doing so they admitted to a mass campaign of mail in surveys sent in by pedophiles and other sexual deviant behavior practitioners.  So many that they have never bothered to catalog them. They also delved into Kinsey’s Homosexual interest. This is another taboo subject these days trying to connect homosexuality with pedophilia. Yet this information lends credence to the truth that homosexual interest also seems to lead to pedophile interest.

The following is the documentary.

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26 thoughts on “Paedophiles are behind Ontario Sex Education

  1. Paul

    wow Ray,
    that story is REALLY disturbing don’t know what anyone can say to that.

  2. This article was submitted by Charles McVety of the Christian College and not by the panel of this website and may not reflect the opinions or the views of hosts and moderators Brad Snell. We welcome of course all views which is apart of free speech but certain material that may be posted isnt meant to harm or alarm the viewers just create an awareness to topics that we feel need adressing

    • I agree Brad that we posted the article from Charles McVety. But the article does not express an opinion. It reports on a fact. The fact is that the Ontario school board is using information that was produced by a known pedophile in order to justify teaching children about sex, including asking them to experience homosexual sex first hand by inserting vedgetables in their rectums.

      I welcome anyone to refute these facts. Facts are not a matter of opinion but a matter of fact.

      Of course we welcome opinions from our readers about these facts and / or to do some research to disprove the facts that are presented in this article.

      Jesus said the truth shall set you free. If these facts reported by Charles are true then our readers should be set free by knowing this truth. Perhaps they will be set free to withdraw their children from receiving corrupted morals from their local public school which regretably is fast rejecting protestant belief ever since their name change from protestant school system to public school system.

      • Alex Keith

        Ray, you claim that this letter talks about facts, and that facts are not a matter of opinion. Could you please explain to me what the facts are here. Charles McVety states that Kinsey was a known pedophile and that he “used 317 men to rape hundreds of children, recording their every move, timed with a stopwatch.” If you bothered to check your “facts” (or if you read the report) you would find out that the data did not come from 317 pedophiles, it came from a single pedophile. And this single pedophile was not hired or coerced by Kinsey to rape 317 children. All of the data came from interviews with this individual after the fact. But saying that he hired 317 pedophiles to rape children is far more sensational than stating that he interviewed a pedophile, an act that psychologists and psychiatrists perform on a daily basis.

        If you want to refute the conclusions of this study, fair game. There are many problems with this study, the least of which is that it is based on the recollections of a single person. But to publish a letter from a man who has been censured for making erroneous statements to support his views (Charles McVety), without checking the facts stated in the letter, is, at best, negligent. Given that the letter is falsely accusing someone who can’t defend himself of being a pedophile, not doing the basic research to determine the veracity of this “fact” is being complicit.

      • The chart is a fact that came from the book which proves that children were exposed to paedophilia. The exact wording of Charle’s article does not negate the fact that the School boards are using information that was gained by the practice of paedophilia. Charle’s is quite correct that this is junk science and has no business being consulted by the educators of our children in Ontario.

        I will pass along your comments to Charle’s to see if he would like to answer your opinion of his article.

      • Alex Keith

        Ray, whether or not this is junk science is certainly an area for discussion, and you and I would probably come to the same conclusion. But that is not justification for labelling someone a pedophile when there is absolutely no evidence of this.

        But this tactic happens to be one of Charles McVety’s favourite. He can’t discuss the science so he demonizes the scientist. Kinsey is a pedophile; Darwin is a racist. But the one thing that I have noticed is that he only goes to this extreme with people who are dead. I guess dead people don’t sue for libel.

  3. I savour, lead to I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  4. Wikipedia says that Alfred Kinsey was not a pedophile.

    • Wikipedia is run by Zio-Jew Jimmy Wales who hires shills to input and monitor data while promoting corporate propaganda. Wales has ties to the porn industry that helped him launch the site. Search for the truth elsewhere.

  5. DL

    In response to Alex Keith, your concern for Kinsey’s and Darwin’s reputation is alarming on so many levels. Tell me why you think Darwin was not a racist based upon his published works and also that anyone who would even be associated with such a horrific study on children speaks loudly about who they are and your lack of mention for the children who were the victims…unbelievable…

  6. Laura

    This is sick and horrific, that children are being sacrificed for worldly pleasure and that they are now trying to make it a normal way of life. My heart breaks for the kids.

  7. Alphonso

    The only teacher in the white female teacher list who is not teaching in the TDSB anymore is yyy. This was because of her steamy relationship and court case being promoted on the media. yyy and the minor exchanged over 2,000 text messages and the minor used to do babysitting while yyy’s husband was not at home. In spite of the suspicions that yyy sent steamy text messages, the court had to give a not-guilty verdict as the TDSB unions protected this teacher. yyy resigned because of public outrage. yyy was given paid-leave while she was in court. This shows how the TDSB protects these rogue teachers.

    Think the TDSB cronies and their conflict of interest is all a conspiracy? What about the recent scandals of former deputy Ontario education official zzz and his child pornography racket? Or the pamphlet sharing www and his pornographic sex-ed classes? The Toronto District School Board doesn’t care about the well-being of students or respect for taxpayers’ monies. The TDSB administrators and senior teachers are the ones encouraging a sex-ed curriculum which sexualizes the students, senior teachers being protected from the police when scandals come out and other criminal activities which the TDSB hides from the public.

    Even the former TDSB Director uuu was accused of academic plagiarism. The Toronto District School Board should be audited, and all senior teachers should be supervised and audited for any criminal activities and unethical conduct which they were allowed to do because of the TDSB’s protection and unions’ protection.


    • W. Aurora

      Alphonso you are a dum dum. Ppl don’t read his/her post, it is sheer spam.

  8. As a follow up to this topic other News has come to light about the Toronto District School Board since we posted this article. SUNN news has been reporting on these things. This recent broadcast covers some of the poor judgment that has been being exercised by the School board. It is time for a complete overhaul of the TDSB.

    We are in sad shape when the previous Minister of Education is now the Premier of Ontario. We have a real corruption problem in our schools and it happened under Wynn’s watch. Its time to get rid of her. It is happening under her watch as well now while she is Premier. Clean house is my message to her. The Ontario voters have a choice in the next election if we want her to continue as Ontario’s Premier. I would hope that the voters will not be apathetic regarding her complacency.

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  10. Patrick

    “Alphonso”‘s post is quite interesting yet concerning. XXX was acquitted for the same lack of evidence and you should have seen these pro-xxx trolls flooding up the news forums.

    I don’t know that much about yyy except that some teachers claimed that xxx had a questionable conduct with a student who allegedly had ties to juvenile delinquency.

    The same yyy is being promoted to a Vice Principal. Someone said that the TDSB is transferring yyy, but it’s hard to get information about predators in the TDSB because they hide lots of things. Just lately, the Toronto Sun was denied access to TDSB records of Wade Vroom as the Information worker cited limitations to the Freedom of Information Act.

    Just one day, some brave teacher will release all of the hidden information about the rogue teachers and the crimes they did.

    I believe the xxx and zzz scandals are opening lots of parents’ eyes.

  11. Some interesting information

    I got this from an ECI teacher who just retired and has gone to work at the College of Teachers.



  12. I will not allow any more discussion regarding the employees of the Toronto School Board who have not been found guilty of a crime. I edited the allegations of a previous poster to point out that these allegations were not proven. Also you can see this detailed response which cites the Ontario College of Teachers. I would prefer we stick to the facts that are proven in the public square. For example my original article quotes from a published book in which the author had no way to collect his findings other than performing Paedophile acts on children. These are irrefutable facts whereas allegations unproven in a court of law are heresay and not facts.

  13. Martingrove Collegiate Institute Superintendent

    On behalf of xxxx Kindly remove the offending post and desist from publishing any more slander or legal action will be taken against you. I have filed a complaint with WordPress of your heinous hate speech against women.


    • If you follow my comments, I made no statement against xxx. Another poster such as yourself made an angry statement at my website. I however will not be bullied by you either.

      I don’t know who you are accusing of heinous speech toward women. There is nothing in our comments that indicates that. This topic at our blog was against a Paedophile Kinsey who was a man not a woman.

      Also there has been no slander reported at this website. If untruthful statements were made that would be slander. It is true for example that the Kinsey report is a text book that contains information it that indicates that the children were sexually abused in order to gather the data for his report. It is also true that xxx had allegations made against her. These are not slanders.

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  15. W. Aurora

    Ray you should know better than to allow morons & dum dums to post smear campaigns on teachers of the TDSB. For your information, the TDSB undergoes rigorous checks and evaluation of each teacher, it would be a 0.000001% chance that even 0.0000001% of the TDSB teachers are paedophiles. It’s none of your business to be using critical analysis of the curriculum, you are not a qualified administrator in Ontario.

    Did your mother shit you out in labour? Most of your rantings of the TDSB and Ontario educational curriculum sound like shit you should go to the nearest mental nuthouse and stay there.

  16. Acartia

    I find it ironic that you didn’t have any problem when McVety makes a false claim that a deceased person was a pedophile. But when people make similar claims about a living person, a person who can sue, you have a problem.

    Can you please explain how one behaviour is bad and McVety’s is acceptable

  17. Your statement that a claim made by Dr. Charles McVety is false by sheer merit that you say it is false, is not a well verified fact. It is an unqualified, undocumented opinion. Dr. Charles McVety substantiated his argument by quoting a primary source which was a page from a text book authored by Dr. Kinsey outlining how many times children had been observed to experience an orgasm. This information is factual and it is as good as eye-witness testimony from Dr. Kinsey himself as its author. Even though Dr. Kinsey cannot be interviewed today his published articles may be examined. I agree with Dr. Charles McVety in his question, “How can such facts be known without a paedophile activity being performed on them?”. If such an activity was not performed by Dr. Kinsey himself, should such statistics be allowed to be published as they are most certainly the gathering of information from an illegal activity.

    Your second statement that claims should be published about living persons who can sue, I take objection to. You are welcome to give me facts as Dr. Charles McVety gave but you are not welcome at this website to give me slander based on unsubstantiated allegations that did not pass the test of the court system.

  18. Acartia

    Ray, please research the claim that Kinsey was a paedophile. As mentioned in an earlier comment, that table and the researh behimd it was created based on interviews with a paedophile, not by watching paedophiles rape children, or by paying 317 paedophiles to rape children as falsely claimed by McVety. Personally, I think that his research is very suspect, but you counter this by attacking the research, not by attacking the man’s reputation.

    McVety used the same tactic when he tried to prevent access to Canada of a US professor by accusing him of promoting paedophilia. There is not a single bit of evidence, other than McVety’s claim, that this was true. This professor simply has a controversial theory about paedophilia, part of it being that society is partially responsible because of the way that we sexualize children in the media, advertising, etc.

    • Thanks for your kind way of asking me to research this. There was a book written which made the case that Charles makes so Charles would not be the first to make the case that he has made. I don’t know if I can do the proper research without reading the book of which I don’t know its title off hand. Are you also prepared to read this book if I can identify it? If so we could discuss that book together and see if the case made by it holds up. IN REPLY TO THIS I HAVE UPDATED THIS POST TO INCLUDE A DOCUMENTARY FILM REGARDING KINSEY, HIS HOMOSEXUALITY and HIS SOLICITING OF INFORMATION FROM MULTIPLE PEDOPHILE SOURCES. LOOK ABOVE.

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