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Washington gave a warning to America

Whitefox_AvatarRay: Listen to this very powerful message regarding the United States current drive toward eliminating all reference to God in the public square. The same warning should be headed in Canada and by all nations for that matter. (Follow the link as I was unable to get the video to embed in this website.)

As always we would like to know what is your opinion. Please make your comments here.

WASHINGTON – The prophetic words delivered in 1789 by President George Washington in his first inaugural speech echoed loud and clear Wednesday evening in the chamber of the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall – this time in the voice of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of the best-selling “The Harbinger.”



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Ray: Crown Rights Publications has just released their film “Babies Are Murdered Here”. Apparently over 10,000 hits were made on youtube within 24 hours of its being posted. We recommend you watch this video and we welcome your comments here.

I disagree with one comment in the video. Babies who are murdered go directly to heaven they do not go directly to hell as the preacher in the video intimated. He said he was saving babies from going to hell. The doctrine of the age of innocence is that there is an age of accountability for our eternal destiny by which God holds us accountable for our sins. Yes all are born in sin including newborn babies, but the message of the Bible is that Christs righteousness may be imputed to us and our unrighteousness may be imputed to Christ if we put our trust in Him. The innocent who have not the ability yet to do so are protected by Him. David when his child died after birth said I will go to be with him (in the after life). We do not think David meant he was going to an afterlife in hell when he said this.

Offer your comments on this most important topic. God Bless.

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Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto confesses

picture-3552Ray: Rob Ford said at the end of his “confession” message when he confessed publicly that he had taken crack cocaine and that he has a problem with drug addiction (meaning alcohol, the legal drug) that he wished God to Bless Toronto to which there was a roar of scoffing laughs by the sceptic journalists. Later in an interview Rob said that it was like having a “born again” experience having confessed his sin publicly. I ask Rob if he reads this to talk to God about his confessions and to seek His forgiveness and reconciliation. God can give him the real thing a true born again experience. A repentance that is not to be repented of as 2 Corinthians 5 describes it and best of all Rob can have the indwelling presence of God the Holy Spirit in his life forever and as he obeys God’s word he can manifest the son (Jesus the Christ) and the God the father in his life according to John 14. Anything of this world pales in significance to this encounter that Rob and others who read this can have with God in their lives.

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Heteronormativity – Have you been ‘re-normed’ yet?

RAY: Who has the right to teach our children when it comes to issues of morality? Are we going to sit back and let the state assume this role? This is a letter hot off the press that was sent to me this morning. I recommend that if you live in Canada that you talk to your local MP about this matter. Write into your local newspaper. I must applaud those that are able to withdraw their children from the public education system and home school them when I read reports like this.

Jim Hnatiuk – Leader of the Christian Heritage Party   CHP Communiqué Vol 19, July 03, 2012

The New Norms  

“Have you been ‘re-normed’ yet?”

Maybe you haven’t, but the campaign to re-norm your children has already started—at school. 

 In January of this year, the managing editor of Vancouver’s homosexual newspaper made a startling declaration: “We will teach your kids the new norms!”  

That campaign is not really new; it’s been lurking in the woodwork for at least four years, probably longer.       In 2008, writing in the Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, Catherine McGregor of the University of Victoria published an article entitled “Norming and forming: Challenging heteronormativity in educational policy discourses”.   

Who is Catherine McGregor? Dr. McGregor is an associate professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Victoria. Particularly interested in promoting the role of teachers, as leaders in schools and communities, on bringing about social and educational change, she says, she represents UVic as a member of the Educational Leadership Network, and is a member of the BC College of Teachers—that’s the organization that violated the free speech rights of BC teacher Chris Kempling, you may remember.      

She has clout in the field of public education. She’s also been a member of the NDP for more than 40 years. She is a doctrinaire socialist, so when she writes about “re-norming” the culture, we need to beware. She starts from the position that everything traditional is wrong, wrong, wrong!       Especially “heteronormativity”.       In her 38-page treatise in the Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy she clearly wants to re-shape the entire society that our children and grandchildren are going to grow up in. She wants to manipulate their minds and their attitudes, especially about “heteronormativity”.

What is “heteronormativity”?      

 It’s the assumption, universal in all human societies and cultures for millennia, that the normal or default setting for human sexuality is intimacy and dependence between two individuals, one male and one female.      

Under the “new norms” the radical sex activists want to teach to your children, “heteronormativity” is a no-no.      

In fact to them, everything “hetero” is a no-no.      

Can they “re-norm” the culture? They believe they can, and they’re determined that they will—and you will have no voice nor vote in the matter. Just shut up and let your betters, like Catherine McGregor, tell your children that you’re wrong, wrong, wrong!      

Moving from “normative”(that is to say, what has for millennia been regarded as “normal”) to “reformative” policy practices— the prescription favoured by Dr. McGregor and her cadre of revolutionaries prefer — means chucking out what has been normal and stable and replacing it with the acronyms, symbols and perversions of the LGBTTIQQ—regardless of the opinions of students, parents, pastors, priests and more traditional educators. Your betters (the sophisticated intelligentsia) will tell you what you ought to want.      

(Cick on the following link to read more of this and other similar articles)

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Evolution and Secular Thinking

RAY: For this week’s show we had Dr. Harold McCarthy joined us for an invigorating conversation which touched on the Ontario provincial government Dalton McGuinty’s non-constitutional opinion that he is Supreme and not the Roman Catholic church regarding what is taught in the Catholic School Boards of Ontario. We also discussed how the widespread common belief in Evolution drives secular thinking today. We are going to have Harold back next week so that we can continue this most interesting conversation that we started with him.

Part 1

Part 2

We are not planning to have live calling in for this show at this time. We hope to interact with those that wish to leave their comments at the website after each show. Let us know your opinions. We’d like to hear from you. You will see a Follow button on the left side of the screen that you can register to follow the conversation. Comment on occasion as well. Join in on the conversation.

Ray Luff,

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Church and State when is it Separated or is it?

BRAD: Recently the provincial government in Ontario issued a stern warning to the Catholic Church that they are in fact the higher power when it comes to running Ontario schools!

Premier Dalton McGuinty stated they have a different set of responsibilities during a recent visit to a Canadian manufacturing company.

McGuinty claims that they  are accountable to all faiths, accountable to people with no faith, and accountable to parents, and basically it seems to me from this statement of arrogance that they are the higher power!

McGuinty’s wife by the way, is a separate school teacher which in fact receives 7 billion annually in taxpayer funding, doesn’t say which separate school she teaches, but probably i can bet not a Catholic school teacher after that comment!

We all know what happens when politics and religion clash, and lets wait and see the outcome of such an arrogant and righteous comment made by the Liberal party and premier McGuinty!

RAY: What you have here is a clash between the Secular Humanist World View which represents the majority of Canadians Viewpoint as expressed by who we elect as our government officials and the Christian WorldView. The sad thing is these matters are seldom identified correctly for what they are. There is a religious battle going on between people who do not believe in Absolute truth, therefore by definition they do not believe there is a God and people who do believe in Absolute truth, namely the Christians and those that are persuaded toward the Judeao Christian Worldview of morality. Morality without God is Amorality. What we have here is Amorality being forced on those that wish to live their lives by God’s Moral code of ethics. In fact Amorality leads to immorality because an Amoral person does not believe that what is right and wrong is defined by a Sovereign power that is above his governments authority. So he lowers his expectations of what he wants society to be by making the state sovereign instead and accepting the states rule over him. This was actually the goal in ancient times when monarchs stated that they represented God to the masses and actually in many cases expected to be revered as God themselves.

The historical bible account of the prophet Daniel spending time in the Lions Den is a reminder of what it may take for a Jew and by extension a Christian to obey God’s wishes in defiance of the rule of the state. Throughout history there have been many godly and righteous martyrs who followed the footsteps of the prophets faithfully willing to lay down their lives in refusal to honor the state rule above the rule of God. There are martyrs in the middle eastern and eastern countries that have been forced into similar sacrifice in the year 2012. (I am not referring to Muslim murderers who have taken over the word martyr and turned it into a word that for them justifies murder. I am talking about true martyrs who for no fault of their own other than their beliefs that are in opposition with a State authority, it has cost them their lives.) We in North America seem so far spared of this level of committment. However we must never forget, those of us who are followers of Christ what it means to follow Him. He said “Pick up your cross and follow me.”. Eleven of His disciples that he said that to were martyred for taking His instruction seriously. The state hated Christians after Jesus ascended to heaven calling them “Atheists” for believing in only one God and calling them “the cult of the resurrection” for testifying to the fact that five hundred eyewitnesses met with Jesus and felt his wounds and ate with Him after his burial and resurrection. Many of them were martyred for not recanting what they had seen and heard.

Today Christians must continue to stand their ground. Shame on most of us. I include myself. Because if I know that Abortion is a Secular Humanist Religions worldview that counters a WorldView that includes God as supreme over the state. And if I know that the state is in opposition to the God who I am willing to carry my own cross for, then why am I not out picketing in front of our hospitals that are state run and are murdering the unborn Children of our Country? Is it to protect myself so that no harm will come to me by the state? Is it apathy? The biggest question I fear is “Will I be held accountable before the Lord Jesus Christ when I am judged for what I did here on earth if I never spoke out about the injustices that the Secular Humanist State force upon the citizenry? Jesus said that Christians are to be the salt of the earth and warned them about losing their saltines. They do not have to be the majority but if they know “Absolute Truth” in a society that doesn’t know Truth then they must speak out and as a little salt can preserve meat. So too a little preservation by Christians can preserve our society, making it a safer and better place for future generations. Paul said of Jesus. And we must not forget this. “God our saviour desires that all men might be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth”. Ultimately the salvation experience of being born again from above by the willingness of God in the person of the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, makes us God’s representatives here on earth. His ambassadors. His messengers of Truth to a world that is in need of our Lord and Saviour who defined himself as being truth. “I am the way the truth and the life”.

I hope my reader can appreciate my passion as I delved into giving a pep-talk to Christians and a Sermon to all in this response.

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It is not what you think that matters, truth is what matters.

RAY: Brad and I were sinking some balls on my billiard table, discussing what to call our new radio/podcast program. During the course of our conversation I said to Brad many people believe things that are not true. Many say that what’s right for you is right for you but whats right for me is right for me. If I think it is right for me to kill you but you think that it’s not right for me to kill you then who is right? “Obviously it is not what we think that matters, truth is what matters”, I told him. Brad replied, “That is the name we have looked for that describes our radio/podcast program.”

Brad and I first met in 2008 during the Canadian Federal Election in the Newmarket / Aurora riding. I was running as the candidate for the Christian Heritage Party at the time and Brad was interested in interviewing me to find out my political beliefs and to answer why Christians would want to establish a separate party and enter into politics. I told Brad it was the ultimate Christian Activism in trying to get our voice heard in the political arena. It was our hope that our voice might somehow shape the election by virtue of getting our message out at election times even if we were not to become elected. (You can review a blog that was set up at that time that gives some of my concerns that I expressed during the 2008 election at

After that election Brad and I became friends. I went on the air at Blog Talk Radio with him and at Out and About Radio which is a local FM radio station in Newmarket and at another radio station which is a subsidiary of the CFRB in Toronto over the next couple of years to discuss my religious beliefs with Brad as the Host of the program. We also invited the leader Rod Taylor of the CHP to speak on the Out and About FM radio program on one occasion.

For the past year (2011-2012) Brad and I have discussed now and then starting an internet program and website to host it in which we might use video methods to produce an online discussion which seeks to contrast the Christian World View with other World Views. In this program we wish to explore the inner workings of the Christian faith. Many have heard messages from Christians related to how you should join them and become a Christian yourself but many want to know why they should become a Christian not just how they should do it. To answer the question “why” is a harder topic. First of all one would want to know why Christianity, why not Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, secular Humanism, Communism, Fascism and many other isms. Why should one chose the Christian World View?

Brad intends to ask the tough questions of Ray and other call in guests on each program. We may even host a debate with someone who wishes to challenge the Christian World View in some of our programs. Ray is known as “Whitefox” in the Atheist internet community as a theist and defender of Christianity at their websites. We invite these folks to listen into our program and to get in touch with us if they wish to participate in one of our shows.

Ray runs another website called You may get in touch directly with Ray at  Let us know if you would like to join our email list and you would like to give us your ideas about this show please get in touch with us. Let us know how you would rate our program. At some point we will post a rating widget at the site but for the first couple of programs while we are cutting our teeth we hope you will be patient with the quality of the program while we are learning to host it for you.

As a side note: This might interest BRAD. There is another Newscaster named George Snell who has an interesting article about Truth is what matters in the arena of journalism at his blog. While I do not agree with his opinions of the Bible I do agree with his article about the need for truth in Journalism.

From the desk of

Ray Luff

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