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Repentance and Forgiveness (Capital Punishment)

RAY: This week Brad and I discussed two topics but only our second topic was recorded properly. So we have a short clip this time. We will redo the first topic which was “Why does God Allow suffering?” on a future date.

This clip is very short but we hope it answers some questions about the topic of Repentance and Forgiveness within the framework of Justice that is required. We didn’t say it in the clip but it is precisely God’s requirement for justice and retribution that made it necessary for Him to come to earth in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and to die on a cross in order to allow us a route for Repentance and Forgiveness.

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What Lies On The Other Side?

 BRAD: This is my first post to our brand new site which soon will include video and soon live video steaming of our shows and your participation is quite welcome to our show.

As the opening title asks, What does really lay in the next dimension beyond our physical realm we call reality?

Religion as you know, plays a big part in death and our acceptance to recognize a bigger entity once we are either cremated or led to our underground dirt apartment.

It all depends your religious values and who or what you really believe in that somehow comforts you in the fleeting moments of life on this world.

Its hard to ask the question what atheists and skeptics really believe in as your final moments draw near and whether they do in fact feel some kind of remorse for things they did throughout their life.

As we explore the cosmos,planets and dimensions beyond our worldly existence there must be something out there bigger and more powerful than us!

Whatever your belief is im sure we can all together and admit one thing, we aren’t going to live forever, and when the end is near, and your friends and family surround you its good to know that maybe, something is behind that light that you never saw before!

RAY:  I think one of the things that others will like about our show is that Brad and I come from differing backgrounds and I am a little fussy with words. I just wanted to add to Brad’s post that according to the Judeao Christian view we all are going to live forever spiritually. However the quality of life is affected by whether the forever experience is called ETERNAL LIFE or it is called ETERNAL REGRET. I’ll save further comments for an actual show.

Jack Chick has a very intersting comic strip that discusses this matter
This was your life

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