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Nik Wallenda an inspiration to everyone!

BRAD: Recently this past week after watching Nik Wallenda basically waltz across the tightrope in Niagara Falls from the American side and ending up in Canada, a thought immediately entered my mind.

What an inspiration this man is, not only to the people watching worldwide but to the world as well!

When the walk began in the evening Wallenda seemed brimming with confidence and determination but the journey was not without its tense moments.

About half way through the walk, the tightrope became drenched with the mist from the falls and Mr. Wallenda turned at that point to divine guidance to help him through this treacherous part of the journey.

Over the airwaves, Mr. Wallenda was praying to Jesus Christ to help him through this part of the journey and his plea was heard worldwide over the television and radio.

His prayers were answered, as he approached the end of his journey to the waiting arms of family and friends.

In this so called new age of enlightenment, and so called religions as Scientology whom certain people refer to as a cult, where do they turn to for divine guidance?

Lets talk about Scientology for a bit shall we, considering it was the brainstorm of Ron Hubbard whom at the time was a science fiction writer and friends of Jack Parsons, who was into the occult.

Jack Parsons was a devoted follower of Aleister Crowley who was a ceremonial magician and then Ron Hubbard became sexually involved with Jack Parsons 21 yr old girlfriend.

In his earlier life Ron Hubbard served in the Marine Reserves, but was removed because he was unsuitable for command.

Ron Hubbard also was implicated as a conspirator in a government theft of documents of the Internal Revenue Service.

All of this stress was too much for Hubbard and died in Creston California in 1986.

The Scientology movement remains strong to this day ,with such notables as Tom Cruise and John Travolta leading the pack of Hollywood wannabees who are looking for something or anyone to follow without doing much research into what they are getting into.

I would like to know who they pray to in a moment of divine guidance when they are walking the tightrope of life!

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