Changed Lives

RAY: One of the ways that God reveals Himself is by His written Prophetic Word which we discussed on a previous program. Another way that God reveals Himself is by the Manifestation of the Trinity Father, Son and Holy Spriit in the Christians Life.

This week we decided to discuss this topic. Most will say that this is not proof that God exists. But if you think about it, if God does exist, does it not make sense that He would choose to reveal Himself in some way to His creation. Many say God is unknowable. Perhaps they do not Know Him but He claims that He is knowable. This week we are discussing what it is to Know God in your life.

In our first segmant we start out with a discussion about the promotion of the Christian faith in public places. Then we devote segments 1b, 2 and 3 to the main topic “Changed Lives”.

Segment 1a – Christians handing out tracts in Public Places
Brad called Adam Benton Adam Bethune in this program by mistake. He mentioned that we would like to have Adam join us in a future program. Forgive us for giving your name incorrectly Adam.

Segment 1b – Christian World view verses Secular Humanist / Evolutionary World View

Segment 2 – Paul Smith’s testimony about His life change.

Segment 3 – Lisette Smith’s testimony about Her life change.

RAY: I added the following article from another blog site becasue it relates to handing out tracts and it points out that Chrsitians that do things in a Loving and joyful manner: In a manner which manifests Christ to others are able to communicate God effectively. Ones that do things in a less friendly manner do not make friends but instead make enemies. King Solomon once said that One that wishes to make a friend must show himself friendly. The New Testament says that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. Unjoyful, Bitter Christians are not of much use for our Lord or to those they wish to reach. The message of the tracts that Christians joyfully hand out however must still tell the truth. If A tract talks about heaven it must by necessity point out that there is a hell. If it talks about Light it must refer to darkness.

4000 Tracts Quietly Seeded at Muslim Festival
July 2012

This year, the Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Michigan was again targeted by two types of Christians. And the news media picked up both stories. In one, Christian “protesters” charged in waving confronting signs and placards and carrying a pig’s head on a pole. The other was Tim Berends, a six-foot-tall guy wearing a warm smile and a I-(heart)-Muslims T-shirt.

While the “protesters” were ducking rocks and bottles, Tim quietly moved through the crowds handing out Chick tracts to booth keepers and spectators alike. By the end of the 3-day festival, that attracted over 300,000 attendees, he had salted 4000 copies of the tract, Unforgiven into the hands of mostly Muslim people.

The T-shirt, with “John 9:35-38” on the back, attracted much attention with some Muslims asking where they could get one. Tim would walk against the flow greeting people with a smile and the Arab greeting, “As-Salamu Alaykum (pronounced, aah suh laah mu aah lay kum) which means “peace be upon you” and hand them a tract. Often a family would approach and the father would ignore Tim but, behind her husband’s back, the wife would reach for the tract.

One young lady demanded why he was there trying to cram the Bible down their throat. He replied: “I truly believe in heaven and I truly believe in hell. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe that Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh to the Father but by me.’ But I love Muslims and want them to come to trust Jesus.” This “soft answer” turned away her “wrath” and she wandered off.

The group of Christians who wore T-shirts and carried signs with scriptures immediately drew a hostile crowd. When the crowd got unruly, they requested police protection and were told there were not enough officers available. The crowd became abusive, shouting profanities and throwing rocks, bottles, and eggs. Eventually the Christians were escorted out and threatened with citations for “disorderly conduct.”

Last year, Tim used the same quiet, unobtrusive technique to distribute 1800 tracts at the festival while the same group used confrontation and met with similar resistance. Tim demonstrated that sometimes it is better to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

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7 thoughts on “Changed Lives

  1. Hmmm….Bethune. I could get used to that.

  2. LOL. We were going to talk about Norman Bethune but didn’t have time because I got so into the tracts discussion. Norman Bethune was a communist who encouraged a worldview that resulted in the deaths of over 1.9 million people in China. Canada is spending 2.5 million to give him a place of honor for some reason. That is what we were going to do a piece on. (Perhaps we still will.)

  3. Paul

    hey there Ray,
    Lisette and i wanted to thank you and Brad for the spot you did on us. We are both ordinary people who love Jesus. We realize there is nothing sensational about our lives but it has been a real blessing to pass around the link to the video interview. If for no other reason but to share our faith anew with
    our loved ones and friends.It is our prayer that the God of miracles will take the tiny bit we did and make much with it,just as He made man from a handful of dust. God bless you both and for the record we recommend that all your viewers who love Jesus do the same.

  4. David Kehler

    Hi Paul and Lisette,

    I enjoyed your interview and it’s wonderful to hear that you stepped into this calling of home meetings.

    Love you,
    David and Murry

  5. Paul

    Hi there David,
    Blessings to you and Murry. Thanks for responding. You two are one of the first to make a comment that was longer than one word LOL. You must have got the link from Albert and Gai or Ron and Donelda. The whole thing may not be glamorous or glitzy but we sure have been blessed sharing it around.
    Yes we are prayerfully hoping to start meetings again as life calms down. Things have been really busy with us and we have been supper blessed.
    We love you both as well in Jesus as I sure hope you both know that.

    Paul and Lisette

  6. Hi Paul & Lisette,
    Albert just “confessed” to spreading your story to David! Isn’t modern technology great!
    Praaise to the Lord for where he has brought each of us from, and praise to Him for what He is bringing us to. It is so good to hear your testimonies glorifying God.
    Let us know when you have a meeting in mind. We’ll do whatever we can to help, if you so desire.
    Blessings for the future, in Christ we stand………Gai* & Albert

    • Paul

      HI Gai,
      Well how bout that! Albert spreading our story. Bless him. Yes Gai it is really amazing how far God has brought us all who believed the gospel of Christ. Words can not express!! And you and how God miraculously healed you of cancer!
      Recently someone said somewhere that the most amazing miracle of all is a changed life. That may be the truest of all.
      There is so much for every believer to share regarding their changed lives it is hard to say it all in a 15 min interview, but Brad sure did a great job didn’t he?
      Perhaps Ray will ask you to share how God healed you so completely of that dreadful thing. Blessings to you both and thanks for taking the time to say a little more than it was “good”
      Paul and Lisette

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